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Carole Taylor and her spouse, Peter Oelmann, relish the productive, meaningful life they’ve found through Isagenix.

by Katherine B. Ponder

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Carole Taylor turned the tables years ago and never looked back. She found rewards in the network marketing industry, and her husband Peter Oelmann joined her in Isagenix as the ideal partner. Today, the two enjoy more success than they've ever had, and their busy lives keep them physically and mentally very young-despite being 61 and 71, respectively. 

Curriculum Vitae

 Carole and Peter are top leaders of a strong team of Isagenix associates, and their experience has come together to create the ideal working relationship and set of skills. Carole spent her early professional years working in hospital administration and clinical trials coordination. She oversaw pharmaceutical tests and tracked the results.

In a twist of fate, Carole's father was undergoing extensive health treatment for a variety of conditions at the time, including kidney failure. The final five years of his life were spent taking many medications and trying to manage the side effects. His experience showed Carole that preserving health is the better approach. This knowledge helped her segue naturally into a direct selling business that offered health products. It also gave her the chance to earn more income, because she had reached the highest income limit in clinical trials.

For the next several years, Carole worked hard and built a sizeable network marketing businesses with a couple of leading companies. She was driven to succeed because she was a new divorcee and completely on her own. The sense of independence made her face some of her fears. "You have no idea how many times I wanted to give it up," she says. "I said 'I'm not cut out for this. I'm too shy.' But I overcame it. I had to work hard at it, but I did."

Peter entered Carole's life later and saw just how powerful the industry was. "I fell in love with Carole and then fell in love with network marketing," he says. "It seemed the best and fairest way to distribute a produce." Peter brought his detail-oriented experience as an engineer, business sense from real estate, pragmatism and organization. Unfortunately, he also brought his own physical baggage to the relationship, topping the scales at more than 200 pounds.

The Ideal Partnership

Carole and Peter heard about Isagenix through a network marketing friend. They'd heard about amazing products before, but they really took notice when their friend showed a new enthusiasm for life. "She lost 29 pounds," Carole says. "It wasn't even that part that was so exciting. It was that she sounded so happy." The couple took a quiet interest and carefully analyzed the products, their story and leaders before agreeing to sign on. Over the course of a few weeks, they became increasingly excited about the new venture they could begin together. Peter put his own body on the line and made himself a guinea pig and test subject for Isagenix's Cleansing and Fat Burning System. He lost 33 pounds with relative ease, so this was a powerful story.

Peter and Carole joined in April 2002, sure of the products and the opportunity to build a bigger, deeper business than ever before. Their personalities and areas of expertise merged to make Peter and Carole an ideal team. Carole uses her experience and natural relationship-building abilities to do all the phone work. Her contacts from previous businesses have panned out, with several acquaintances from other organizations joining them in Isagenix. Peter brings his penchant for structure to the business and helps create product displays, breaks down goals into manageable tasks and manages the businesses' many details. Together they support the Team, with Carole doing lots of computer work and Peter helping with product displays in shows. He is very friendly, and he and Carole celebrate team members' successes as loudly and as often as possible.

Words of Wisdom

Through Carole and Peter's years of business experience, they have learned some key lessons that helped them in all arenas.

The first lesson, for network marketing in particular, is to remember it's a self-driven business, and Carole sums it up by saying, "If it is to be, it's up to me." They've also learned chat you have to support others and surround yourself with positive thinkers. Part of the couple's Isagenix success is that they never "bite the hand that feeds them." They've never spoken negatively about their previous experiences and are strong believers in making sure that no bridges are burned, which has helped them bring former colleagues into their Isagenix business.

Carole learned the hard way that you must stick to your home market. Going out of your home area, placing classified ads, and reaching far beyond your relationships can be costly and unrewarding. Another phrase the couple picked up along the way that has helped them is, "All distractions are equal," which makes them overcome every excuse – even completely rational and seemingly acceptable ones. The last two points that come through when Carole and Peter talk is to celebrate others' achievements (Peter is famous for literally tooting a horn when teammates hit big goals) and to not "spend too much time getting ready to be ready."

Jet Setters

Peter and Carole travel North America to help support their team, enjoy their beloved golf, and escape the Montreal winters. While some retirees suddenly stop being active, this dynamic couple has done just the opposite. They keep up their pace, pursue their altruistic efforts, and are excited about Isagenix's future international expansion. Carole and Peter are ready to go as far and as fast as Isagenix will take them. YB

"Just because you turn 60 or 70 or 80. . .
 it doesn't mean your life is over."

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