Team Call 2015-11-11

November 11, 2015
Meet Amanda Matz and Anya Zdanowicz.
This week:
" From Chaos to Clarity ~ A System for Success " ~ This week's guests were rescued from the chaos of never-ending dieting by a simple Program that gave them the System and Tools to achieve their health goals.

Meet Amanda Matz and Anya Zdanowicz.
After trying diet after complicated diet, with slow or no results, Amanda was at an all-time emotional low. Now at her heaviest weight of 255 pounds, with no hope of real progress, she desperately needed a solution.

When Amanda's friend Francis Mangubat posted amazing health transformation pictures on facebook she was curious. Francis told her about Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing ~ still, she hesitated. It sounded good, but she just wasn't sure about committing to yet another weight loss program.

Trying on bathing suits for a family vacation was Amanda's tipping point. In that moment she decided that her life was going to change forever.

With Francis as her coach, she signed up for her first 30-day Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing Program. Following the simple, easy to use System has produced amazing results. 90 pounds and 8 dress sizes later, Amanda is a new person with a new life. Happy, energetic, convinced by her own success and supported by her Team ~ Amanda has now focused her plan on building her Team and her future with Isagenix.

Investing in the success of others has brought Amanda financial benefits as well as physical and spiritual. Her Isagenix residual income has enabled her to move to a new home and to vacation in Italy.

"Isagenix is the only program that really has your back. The results keep you going and keep you motivated and the energy is incredible. The true happiness and the friends along the journey are unlike any other. "

As Amanda continues on her road to success, she inspires others to start their own journey. One young woman inspired by Amanda is Anya Zdanowicz.
College life had taken it's toll on Anya's health. By the end of her freshman year an extra 15 pounds made fitting into her summer clothes impossible.

Determined, Anya immersed herself in fitness programs. The first 10 pounds went quickly, but after that nothing seemed to work. 6 A.M. fasted cardio workouts, 2-hour afternoon lifting sessions, a bland and boring diet ~ the only results were months on end of crippling morning soreness and hunger. The hunger lead to 'cheat meals' ~ which lead to binge eating ~ which lead to yet more weight to slave off.

Anya's rescue from her viscous, downward spiral came from her friend Amanda. Seeing Amanda's painless health and happiness transformation convinced Anya to try the Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing Program for herself. The results were everything she had hoped for and more. With Amanda and her Team's support, Anya has shed 12 pounds, gained new lean muscle without soreness and now enjoys an energized, healthy and happy lifestyle.

"I was amazed at what the Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing Program did for me. I had always thought that what I was doing before was the right way. This Program taught me that eating healthy doesn't have to be a painful experience. I am now the most fit, healthy and strong that I have ever been!"
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