Team Call 2015-10-28

October 28, 2015
Meet Joey Salpietro, Danielle Greene and David Price.
This week:
" Serious Commitment ~ Serious Results! " ~ This week's guests are former skeptics who got serious ~ committing to change and achieving serious results.

Meet Joey Salpietro, Danielle Greene and David Price.
Joey had hit a plateau in his quest for better health. Despite time in the gym and training hard for mixed martial arts, he just couldn't shed those last 10 pounds. All along, Joey's friend Peter Kaufmann kept suggesting that he try the Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing Program. After seven months, Joey was finally ready to try a new solution.

As Joey now says, "I tell Pete all the time my only regret is not starting Isagenix when he first presented this amazing system." Starting off with an Isagenix President's Pack, Joey saw a huge difference in his martial arts performance after the first week. By the end of his first Isagenix Program, not only were those last stubborn pounds gone, his energy was through the roof.

Sharing his story with others, soon produced a residual Isagenix income ~ enough to cover his car payments. As Joey built his Team that income built up as well. Even moving 1200 miles south to Miami didn't slow his momentum. Joey has continued sharing and building his Team ~ and his Isagenix income has continued growing.

"The biggest part of this entire journey for me is helping others achieve their health and financial goals. Once you can truly serve people and want to do good for them and remove yourself from the equation, the universe will bless you in more ways than one."

One of those inspired by Joey's achievements is Danielle Greene.
Danielle is seriously into fitness ~ a professional Crossfit trainer and Boot Camp owner . . . always striving for that next level of performance and searching for the Nutritional Program that will help her and her clients achieve their peak.

Even after seeing Joey's results firsthand, Danielle was still skeptical about Isagenix. After researching every last ingredient her doubt turned to interest and commitment. Not one to hesitate, she assembled a Team of five and plunged into the Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing Program.

Weight loss, muscle gain, insane energy and well-being ~ her Team's Isagenix results were way beyond Danielle's expectations. Already fit, she herself dropped 7 pounds of fat, then quickly gained 7 pounds of new lean muscle.

Now firmly convinced, Danielle began sharing her Isagenix discovery with friends and clients. Her Isagenix business performance has been as spectacular as her fitness gains. This summer Danielle was the Number 1 Top Isagenix Enroller world wide!

"I am now able to provide a tool for my clients that works and it's guaranteed ~ that is huge! Isagenix will undoubtedly be my vehicle for financial freedom !"

Another of Joey's Team mates who has followed him to fitness success is David Price.
When David first saw Joey's results on facebook, he was sure Isagenix wasn't for him. Working on a ship with a gym, he was exercising every day and eating healthy meals specially prepared by the ship's chef.

All that changed when David changed jobs. Now a truck driver with no gym and no chef to prepare nutritious meals, the weight started packing on and David's energy nose-dived. Meanwhile,he watched as his friend Joey posted photos of more and more amazing transformations.

When David was finally ready to commit, Joey was there to answer his questions, offer support and coach him to success. David not only shed 17 pounds during his first Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing Program ~ by the third week he was well on his way to building his first Isagenix Team and had earned enough to pay for his products.

Motivated by his Isagenix success, David entered crossfit training and his first crossfit competition. Not only did he win the competition, he ranked second worldwide in his class!

"These are all things that I would never have been able to do if it wasn’t for this amazing company and the amazing people in it." says David.
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