Team Call 2015-05-06

Meet Dawn Ferrentino, Kelly Bartoletti and Denise Luper.

This week:
"Isagenix ~ Building Champions" ~ There are champions all around us ~ ordinary people who overcome life's challenges to become extra-ordinary Champions. This week's guests found the tools in Isagenix to build their own amazing victories.

Meet Dawn Ferrentino, Kelly Bartoletti and Denise Luper.

In Dawn's words, she was a 'nightmare client'. Isagenix certainly sounded like the solution to her problems - fatigue, extra weight, feeling discouraged . . . But she put off trying the program for 8 months because 'it sounded too good to be true'. Even after she started Isagenix she was 100% convinced it wouldn't work and, even if it did, there was no way on earth she was ever going to try selling anything.

Fast forward a few months . . . extra weight gone and energy through the roof! And 'worse', everyone kept asking her how she did it and where could they buy the products? The light finally clicked on and Dawn was unstoppable. Despite working 2 jobs and caring for 2 sons, she found time to build her Isagenix business. Now a $100,000+ Isagenix Earner, Top Leader and 6-Star Golden Circle, Dawn retired herself from her 27-year accounting career ~ and her husband as well ~ to live the life she and her family truly deserve.

One of the special champions on Dawn's Isagenix Team is Kelly Bartoletti.
A year into recovery from cancer surgery, chemo and radiation therapy, Kelly was feeling worse every day instead of better. Rundown, overweight from the steroids, lethargic and sore, she needed a real solution to get her life back.

A friend's Facebook post about Nutritional Cleansing turned out to be her answer. The more she found out about the Isagenix Program the more sense it made to her. She signed up and started seeing results almost immediately. As her focus and mental clarity returned she found she now had the energy to walk 3 miles a day and even started working out.

Three months and 35 pounds later, Kelly was a new woman. Energized, positive and excited she jumped into the Isagenix business. With help from Dawn, Kelly began building her own Isagenix Team ~ helping others understand and benefit from this life-changing health and financial opportunity. Among them was a friend she had never met before ~ her neighbor Denise Luper.
Only three days after her own double-mastectomy, Denise decided to go for a walk. Bumping into Kelly on the street began both a friendship and an Isagenix business partnership. After hearing Kelly's story, Denise knew that Isagenix was something she needed for herself as well and signed up for a 30-Day Program.

Her results were everything she had hoped for and more. 15 pounds, 36 inches and her muffin tops soon disappeared. More importantly, her energy, focus and clarity were back ~ she had never felt better about herself or more positive. Of course everyone around her also saw the change and she just naturally began helping others. Introducing her daughter, husband, friends and family to better health and vitality through Isagenix are among her most cherished achievements.

Having been laid off from her job after 23 years, Denise appreciates the opportunity she has found in Isagenix to create wealth and stability for her family ~ on her own terms. Her mission today is to help other women regain their own hope, health and financial independence.
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