Team Call 2015-09-30

September 30, 2015
Meet Marcy Hill and Louise Clodd.
This week:
" Sharing with Family " ~ When we find something life-changing we naturally want to share it with those we care about most.This week's guests were introduced to Nutritional Cleansing by family who cared and then went on to overcome their skepticism and achieve their own healthy success.

Meet Marcy Hill and Louise Clodd.
When her sister first introduced the Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing Program to Marcy, she was certain she was being sucked into another ridiculous fad.

Health conscious and deeply aware of environmental toxins, Marcy Hill ~ AKA Marvelous Marcy ~ even raises her own organic vegetables and chickens. When she researched the Isagenix Program for herself, she knew she had found something special ~ wholesome and backed by sound science.

Within three days of beginning the program, Marcy's energy levels spiked. By the end of her first 30-Day Nutritional Cleansing Program the amazing energy, clarity and weight loss inspired new hope and belief in both the products and in herself. After feeling and seeing the difference Isagenix products made in her life Marcy just had to share.

She started with her son Lauchlin, who not only released fat, but gained new lean muscle.
As a Leadership coach, Marcy devotes her life to helping others develop self-confidence and a positive self-image. Now a walking billboard for the Isagenix Program ~ she has now shed 55 pounds ~ it was very natural for Marcy to begin building a powerful Isagenix team of inspired people.

"I now am traveling to events with a team of dedicated people who had the same experience I did! I love to watch them transform their lives as I changed mine."

One of those inspired Associates is Louise Clodd.
Louise was suspicious when her daughter Danielle first started Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing. She even tried to talk Danielle out of it.

"I was the biggest skeptic ~ I thought it was just another one of THOSE weight loss things."

Danielle's Isagenix success ~ she went on to shed over 85 pounds ~ changed Louise's opinion. Four months later, on Mother's Day, Danielle urged Louise to try Isagenix for herself. Her daughter's concern for her health and her amazing success inspired Louise to start her own Isa-journey.

Within a few days Louise noticed the change in her energy. Within a few months she was astounded at the transformation in her health and could walk without taking constant breaks. Today, Louise has released 98 pounds and feels amazing! She has taken her new healthy Isagenix lifestyle to heart and is determined to continue her journey. As a School Board Trustee, spending most of her days on the road, Louise now travels everywhere with a cooler filled with ice, water, a blender and her shakes!

"Isagenix is first and foremost a Health program ~ the weight loss is a benefit that comes with the health!", says Louise. "I became a walking, talking billboard and it wasn’t long until people were asking me what I was doing to release the weight and increase my energy."

Louise is now helping others ~ sharing Isagenix with people that show interest and working towards making Isagenix her full time business.
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