Team Call 2015-09-09

September 09, 2015
Meet Peter Kaufmann, Michelle Caravella and Joey Salpietro.
This week:
" Breaking Through Your Barriers " ~ Sometimes eating what we think is a healthy diet just isn't enough. Whether our goals are weight loss or better performance, we hit a barrier we can't seem to overcome. This week's guests found their key to break free and achieve their own lasting success.

Meet Peter Kaufmann, Michelle Caravella and Joey Salpietro.
Peter had always been a health and fitness buff ~ but somehow he never felt quite as good as he thought he should. The products he took to boost his workouts left him feeling bloated, tired and lethargic instead.

Peter's search for a chemical-free, safe alternative ended when his friend Barry introduced him to Isagenix. By the end of his first Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing System, Peter had shed 30 pounds. Even better, the bloated feeling was gone and his energy skyrocketed ~ all without any harmful chemicals or stimulants!

Unlike any other program Peter had tried, the health and vitality benefits continued afterwards ~ on just a simple Isagenix Maintenance Program. In fact, Peter has shed another 11 pounds ~ dropping to a lean 146 lbs. Now in the best shape of his life, he devotes his new-found energy to building his Isagenix business.

As Peter shared his Isagenix discovery with friends and family, his Isagenix Business and his Team grew naturally. "Isagenix has not only transformed our health, but our WEALTH. This is hands down THE greatest business opportunity I've EVER experienced. Such an incredible company with amazing life-changing products!"

One of the friends inspired by Peter 's passionate energy is Michelle Caravella.
Losing weight after her pregnancy was challenging for Michelle. She ate healthy meals and even began juicing fruits and vegetables. She soon reached a discouraging plateau - no matter how much she juiced, no more weight came off.

A Facebook post by Peter caught her attention and got her excited again. Nutritional Cleansing sounded like exactly what she was looking for. A simple, healthy System she could follow easily. She signed up for her first Isagenix 30-Day Program right away.

Within the first few weeks she sailed past her plateau as the pounds started to come off. Not only was she shedding the extra weight ~ she felt better than ever before and was even more motivated to stick to the Isagenix Program! Today, over sixty pounds lighter, Michelle is amazed at how simple it has been to keep the weight off for almost a year just by following the Isagenix Maintenance system.

Although Michelle had no interest in the business whatsoever, people insisted she share her success story. Enrollment after enrollment, her Isagenix Team began to build. Her new income first started off paying a few bills then kept growing. Recently retired from her day job, Michelle is now focusing on building her Isagenix business ~ helping others achieve the same healthy success.

Another friend inspired by Peter Kaufmann is Joey Salpietro.
Joey had also hit a plateau in his quest for better health. Despite time in the gym and training hard for mixed martial arts, he just couldn't shed those last 10 pounds. All along, Peter kept suggesting Joey try Nutritional Cleansing. After seven months, Joey was finally ready for a new solution.

As Joey now says, "I tell Pete all the time my only regret is not starting when he first presented this amazing system." Starting off with an Isagenix President's Pack, Joey saw a huge difference in his martial arts performance after the first week. By the end of his his first Isagenix Program, not only were those last stubborn pounds gone, his energy was through the roof.

Sharing his story with others, soon produced a residual Isagenix income ~ enough to cover his car payments. As Joey built his Team that income built up as well. Even moving 1200 miles south to Miami didn't slow his momentum. Joey has continued sharing and building his Team ~ and his Isagenix income has continued growing.

"The biggest part of this entire journey for me is helping others achieve their health and financial goals. Once you can truly serve people and want to do good for them and remove yourself from the equation, the universe will bless you in more ways than one."
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