Team Call 2015-09-02

September 02, 2015
Meet Shauna Ekstrom, Scott Peterson and Chris Parry.
This week:
" The Foundation ~ Products that Work " ~ Whether it's weight loss, increased energy or business building ~ no endeavor can succeed without products that really work! This week's guests found products that worked for them ~ then went on to build their success by sharing them with others.

Meet Shauna Ekstrom, Scott Peterson and Chris Parry.
In 2002 Shauna Ekstrom was a Beauty Salon owner in Enumclaw, WA ~ and an Isagenix pioneer.

After two 9-Day Cleanses ~ the only Isagenix System available in those days ~ and three dress sizes, she knew she had found her life passion.

Her salon clients naturally wanted to know how she had gotten her new trim look. An Isagenix Star was born! Using just the products and her 'Speedo Peter' Oelmann poster, she signed up 8 new Isagenix customers the very first day!

Confident the products really worked, she went on to share the Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing System with everyone she met. Their amazing results, word of mouth referrals, the Team Call and her 'Speedo Peter Poster' were the tools Shauna used to build her Isagenix Business.
Passion, hard work and perseverance have paid off for this soft-spoken Isagenix entrepreneur. Shauna now enjoys a six-figure income, free time with her family and even found her new husband Scott along the way.

Scott Peterson had been a practicing dentist for 27 years when he was first introduced to Shauna. Immediately, Shauna just knew that she and Isagenix could help him.
Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing certainly had a huge impact on Scott! Not only did he release 43 pounds ~ he found his soul-mate. As Scott likes to say, " I fell in love with the products and the woman who introduced them to me at the same time."

Married for 2 years now, Scott has retired from dentistry and the couple are busy building their Isagenix dream life together. One of the amazing Team Members they have shared the Isagenix products with is Chris Parry.
As you can see, Chris has not always been the trim, happy guy he is today. Less than a year ago, Chris was too overweight to even enjoy playing with his kids. That was the final straw. He had tried 'miracle' pills and powders, fad diets, low-calorie and low-carbs but nothing worked. If he managed to lose any weight he soon gained it back.

When he was introduced to the Isagenix System by Shauna and Scott, Chris made a commitment to a new, healthy lifestyle. In January 2015 he started his first 30-Day Nutritional Cleansing Program and entered his first IsaBody Challenge. In August he walked across the stage at Isagenix Celebration in San Diego as a proud member of the 100-Pound Club, having released a total of 100.2 pounds!

Chris's life transformation goes beyond just the weight loss. "I know that the health benefits that I have gained from Isagenix and my weight loss will give me more time with my children ~ which I cannot measure in pounds or inches."

Chris is now gearing up for his first ever 'Tough Mudder' mud run and his next IsaBody Challenge. Of course, he now plays with his kids as much as they want.

Chris's new goal is to continue building his financial freedom by helping others find the best they can be ~ sharing the Isagenix products and lifestyle. "Thank you Isagenix for helping to get my life back and for this new opportunity. Best of all, you also helped give my children their father back."
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