Team Call 2015-07-15

July 15, 2015
Meet Alexis Romano, Sandra Di Iorio and Hillarie Scannelli.
This week:
"Old Friends ~ New Partners in Success"
Network Marketing is one of those rare opportunities where business and friendship not only mix ~ they flourish together. This week's guests have built on their friendship to create health and prosperity.

Meet Alexis Romano, Sandra Di Iorio and Hillarie Scannelli.
#1 Isagenix Income Earner ~ Isagenix Millionaire ~ 2014 Isagenix Leader of the Year ~ Certified Health Coach and now a Gym owner ~ Alexis Romano overcame her own personal challenges to build an amazingly successful Team.

At the start, Alexis was simply an enthusiastic Isagenix product user ~ naturally sharing the Isagenix benefits with her family and friends. Although she did need extra income, she was definitely not interested in network marketing ~ until her sponsor pointed out that she was already doing it ! When that sank in, Alexis agreed to attend an Isagenix event and there the opportunity finally clicked.

Embracing the limitless Isagenix possibilities with hard work and dedication has certainly paid off for Alexis and for her Team. Her energy, positive attitude and devotion to helping others succeed make her an inspiring role model and mentor.

Two special friends that Alexis has helped embrace their own opportunity for health and prosperity are Sandra Di Iorio and Hillarie Scannelli.
"Fat and 50" ~ were words that started ringing in Sandra's ears as she approached her 50th birthday last year. She had known Alexis for over 20 years, shared vacations, roomed together and watched her stunning rise to success. Still, Sandra had never really paid attention to Alexis' Isagenix message ~ she just hadn't been ready before.

With 50 approaching fast, feeling overweight, uncomfortable in her clothes and out of energy, Sandra knew just who to call for help. Alexis started her friend on a 30-Day Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing System and the transformation began. 16 pounds, 23 inches and 2 dress sizes later, Sandra turned 50 feeling trim, energetic and confident ~ and looking fantastic! Today, fitness and Isagenix have become part of Sandra's daily life. She has even entered a Mud Run and later this month will compete in her first 5K event.

The results of her new healthy lifestyle impressed Sandra so much that she decided to attend Isagenix Celebration. Ignited by what she learned, Sandra began building her own Isagenix Team. One of her new team mates is the third member of our dynamic trio of friends ~ Hillarie Scannelli.

Hillarie was so busy with her passion for helping others get healthy that she had no time for herself. As the owner of a personal training facility, she worked long hours with her clients ~ giving up family time with her husband and two growing boys and neglecting her own health. Frustrated and in the most unhealthy shape of her life, she turned to her friends.

Like Sandra, Hillarie had also never really paid attention when Alexis spoke about the benefits of Nutritional Cleansing. The seed had been planted though and Sandra's Isagenix results certainly got Hillarie's attention. She signed up for her own 30-Day Program and never looked back.

The renewed energy and focus Hillarie found with Isagenix were so life-changing that she began sharing her discovery with others after only the first two weeks. Now 13 pounds lighter and back to her fit, trim, energetic self, Hillarie is committed to the Isagenix System and to helping others who want to feel great and transform their bodies.

"I’m in love with the products ~ so I can be passionate about them. Today people are recognizing that they need to make room in their budget for things that really matter ~ their health and well-being!!. Then they succeed using the products and want to help their friends and family. It’s that simple."
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