Team Call 2015-06-17

June 17, 2015
Meet Alicia Pina, Sandra Rivera and Eva Guerra.
This week:
" From Health Mission to Wealth Vision " ~ Finding a formula for great health naturally inspires us to share it with others. Our "Westlaco Texas Girls" are on a mission ~ sharing their own Health and Wealth Vision.

Meet Alicia Pina, Sandra Rivera and Eva Guerra.
Stressed, sick and tired with barely enough energy to think, Alicia Pina was close to giving up. Finding Isagenix renewed her energy and 'saved her life'. Two dress sizes and 15 pounds later, even her complexion cleared up!

Alicia's journey to health now became her march to wealth as well. Sharing her transformation and her message of health and financial freedom with friends came naturally. Alicia quickly moved from getting her products paid for to a full-time income from her Isagenix business. At age 50, Alicia retired from teaching to devote all her time to building her Isagenix Team. Highlighting her newfound healthy look and lifestyle on Facebook has proved very successful in attracting New Associates. "People notice things on Facebook", says Alicia, "Our profile picture, skin, energy level and enthusiasm for life. Then they ask, What are you doing?".

Alicia has continued to build her Team and help transform lives, both around the world and right in her old home town of Westlaco, Texas. One of Alicia's Isagenix "Hometown Girls" is Sandra Rivera.
Sandra Rivera was also in dire need of a solution when she was introduced to Isagenix by Alicia. Plagued by headaches, low energy and mental fog, she was convinced she would die at an early age. Overeating to feel better only made her situation worse ~ adding an ever-growing weight problem to her troubles. Following a 30-Day Nutritional Cleansing Program was her breakthrough. Isagenix changed not only how Sandra looked, but also how she felt about herself. The discomfort in her head and body quickly disappeared, her energy returned and she found new joy in her life. Encouraged, Sandra went on to shed an amazing 82 pounds!

Friends and family soon wanted to know why she looked younger, slimmer and healthier. Sandra's Isagenix Business was born! She decided to share the gift of Isagenix with everyone she met. "I began earning an income, which I love and everyday I thank God that I feel amazing while I am making money!"

Sandra's new joy and enthusiasm touched the lives of everyone around her including another "Hometown Girl" ~ Eva Guerra.
As a nurse, Eva knew she had to do something about her health. At 239 pounds, diabetic and stressed from her job as a Health Agency Administrator she felt exhausted ~ drained physically and emotionally with little time or energy left for her family.

When a friend introduced her to Alicia and Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing, Eva knew she had found her solution for good health. Shedding 40 pounds and regaining her energy and focus brought her back to her healthy, happy self. The difference the Isagenix products made in her life was really brought home when she stopped taking them and went back to her old habits. The pounds soon crept back on, along with the aches and fatigue she thought were gone for good.

Fortunately for Eva, Sandra and Alicia never gave up on her. Now back on her Isagenix program, Eva is again the picture of health and happiness she deserves to be. Seeing the difference the Isagenix healthy lifestyle has made first-hand in her own life, Eva is passionate about helping others. Her Health success has evolved into Income success and weekly revenue as she builds her own Isagenix Team.

"I passionately believe in Isagenix because of the health benefits that I have seen and felt personally. I want everyone to experience what I am experiencing."
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