Team Call 2018-06-27

June 27, 2018
Meet Pete Kaufmann, Deron Keeton and Diypse Duman
This week: Fit, Focused and Building Freedom !
An Isa-Entrepreneur and Musician, a Personal Fitness Trainer and a Student and Yoga Instructor ~ our guests followed a healthy path to new levels of performance and are now focused on building a future of personal and financial freedom.
Meet Pete Kaufmann, Deron Keeton and Diypse Duman
When Pete Kaufmann and his wife Wendy started on the Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing Program, they planned to only follow it for a single month. That was over four years and a lifestyle ago.

In 2014, Pete was impressed by a gym friend's Isagenix results. He was cautious though, as Wendy had undergone therapy for stage 3 breast cancer only 4 years before.

After careful research, they signed up for their first Isagenix Programs. They were soon hooked for life!

"We had never seen results like that in our lives and more importantly ~ WE FELT AMAZING!", says Pete.

Pete went on to shed 30 lbs while Wendy shed 17 lbs. Later, on the simple Isagenix Maintenance Plan, Pete released another 11 lbs and Wendy another 15 !

Of course, with results like that, people noticed. Through friends, relatives and referrals, Pete and Wendy began building their Isagenix Team.

At the time, Pete was a struggling professional drummer and Wendy worked in corporate America. With medical bills and a home in foreclosure, they barely made ends meet. The extra income stream from their Isagenix business made a huge difference.

Following the example and mentorship of Isagenix Superstar Alexis Romano kicked their business into high gear. Working hard, they retired Wendy from her corporate job after the first year ~ and kept building on their success from there.

Today ~ financially free with a growing International Isagenix Team ~ the couple has moved from New Jersey to their dream home in New Orleans.

"The greatest part of all our Isagenix success is watching our team succeed. This is the greatest business. When your team succeeds, YOU succeed. It's the ultimate win-win ~ helping others transform their health and their finances as well."

Two Team Members who are also focused on building new futures are Deron Keeton and Diypse Duman.
With an entrepreneur spirit and a big vision of what he wanted his life to look like, Deron was open to opportunity.

When his career as a personal trainer left him feeling he could achieve more, he began searching for a new way to accomplish his goals.

That path presented itself soon after Pete Kaufmann became his client.

After weeks of watching Pete always carrying around his bottle of Isagenix nutritional product, Deron finally asked him what it was.

When Pete explained that it was part of his business, Deron wanted to know more. Pete sent him a link to the Isagenix 'Start Your Life' video and Deron immediately saw the potential!

"I played the video and it talked about all the things I envisioned for myself. An opportunity to design my own life ~ to live a life of freedom ~ a life of not having to ask for permission to do the things I enjoyed."

Testing the products for himself, Deron started his first Isagenix Program and began incorporating the Amped Performance Products into his daily routine.

When he dropped 2% body fat and felt his energy skyrocket, Deron knew he had found products he could have confidence in ~ and started sharing.

"Prior to Isagenix I knew exactly what kind of life I wanted ~ but I didn't have the vehicle to create it. Now, I've been able to create a full time residual income and so much more freedom in my life. It would be selfish of me not to share this gift with the world."

One of those Deron has shared with is Diypse Duman.
Full-time Business Management student, part-time café shift manager and yoga instructor ~ Diypse needed all the energy she could get !

While she did work out and ate 'healthy', it always seemed that something was missing.

It was while completing her yoga teaching certification that she felt a deep need for change.

"I was about to be certified as a fitness instructor and I wasn't even in great shape. How could I guide others and preach a life of health and wellness without myself being a product of that?"

Her answer came after an Isagenix opportunity meeting with her friend Deron. The video and the before and after pictures he showed piqued Diypse's interest and overcame her distrust of anything to do with Network Marketing.

"I was never against Network Marketing in general. I just never found a company like Isagenix ~ one I felt an emotional attachment to or that felt REAL!"

Diypse took the leap and ordered her first Isagenix Program. A decision she now thinks was the best she ever made.

"I was able to shed some weight and gain back my confidence as a woman. I watched my body transform and gained more muscle than I ever had before. My energy was through the roof and I was finally a morning person!!"

Her results spoke for themselves and she was soon sharing Isagenix with others ~ building her own Team and residual income part-time.

"I know with hard work and persistence in sharing this amazing Isagenix lifestyle, I will have all the freedom I desire. The opportunity is endless with this vehicle in place to get me there."
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