Team Call 2018-06-06

June 6, 2018
Meet Dawn Bartolini and Karen Johns-Wrobel
This week: Embracing Possibility !
Restauranteur turned 100-Pound Club Star and Iron Girl and a transformed Marketing Executive ~ our guests embraced the possibility of change, followed a Program that helped accomplish their health and lifestyle goals and are now unstoppable.
Meet Dawn Bartolini and Karen Johns-Wrobel
On January 22, 2013 Dawn Bartolini woke up ready to take action!

While taking care of her two children, her husband and helping in the family restaurant, she had stopped taking care of herself.

Today was the day to start changing all that !

After reading a girlfriend's facebook post and hearing her story about Nutritional Cleansing, energy and weight loss ~ Dawn committed herself to the Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing System and a new lifestyle.

With the nutritional support the Isagenix products gave her, Dawn now woke up invigorated ~ thinking clearer, with the energy to go to the gym. "After many failed attempts at releasing weight, I finally found something that I could do. At that point I decided never to diet again!"

In July of 2014, Dawn joined her husband Christopher in the Isagenix 100-Pound Club. Both released over 100 pounds while using the Isagenix System.
Today, Dawn is truly an Iron Girl ~ training for and competing in multiple triathlons. "At 48 I can honestly say that I feel more like I did in my 20's", says Dawn.

Besides her newfound energy and well being, Dawn is also enjoying the financial benefits Isagenix has brought her. She has now retired from the family business to follow her passion and build her Isagenix Team.

Dawn's results, positive attitude and boundless Isa-energy have inspired many others to join her.

One Team Member who was inspired by Dawn to take action and embrace the possibility for change in her own life is Karen Johns-Wrobel.
At 341 pounds, Karen lived in utter despair of ever leading a healthy, active life.

She was plagued by constant fatigue and aches in her muscles and joints.

Walking, sleeping, digesting food and even breathing were difficult. Climbing stairs or bending over to tie her shoes were impossible!

After a lifetime of unsuccessful dieting, Karen feared she wouldn't make it much past her 53 years.

Meeting Dawn and Chris Bartolini and her introduction to Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing, finally brought Karen the hope she needed and the possibility for change.

As she embraced her new healthy Isagenix lifestyle, she noticed the improvements as they built up ~ week after week.

The excess weight began to melt away, her complexion cleared up and the fatigue, aches and discomforts subsided. Best of all, her outlook for the future became hopeful ~ filled with optimism and enthusiasm about the possibilities in front of her.

"I have now released 98 pounds, over 100 inches, 6 dress sizes and I look 15 years younger. For the first time in my life, my skin is clear and beautiful. I savor every minute of every day now ~ I am Forever changed."

With a clear vision of her goals and energized by the success of her Isagenix Program, Karen has no intention of stopping now.

"I am about to enter my 3rd IsaBody Challenge ~ embarking on releasing an additional 112 pounds. I have been truly blessed with a second chance. A chance to live an active, healthy, discomfort-free life.

My transformation is in full swing now and I absolutely cannot wait to see where this fantastic Isagenix journey takes me ! "
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