Team Call 2017-10-25

October 25, 2017
Meet Debi Gentile and Roselle Monsalud
This week: Choosing to Succeed !
A Caregiver and Admin Assistant and a Health Care Project Manager ~ our guests this week made the decision to change their lifestyle ~ committed to a System that guided them to Success and then onward to helping others.
Meet Debi Gentile and Roselle Monsalud
Keeping up with her hectic life used to be an uphill battle for Debi.

Acting as a Caregiver for both her nephew with severe Cerebral Palsy and for a lady with Dementia is only the start of her busy schedule.

She still finds time to do admin work for a Contractor and to work as part-time Banquet Server in the Bartolini's Chicago restaurant.

At 54 and legally deaf, Debi also manages to look after her own household and kids. Before finding Isagenix, Debi struggled to keep up her energy and often needed a nap between jobs.

It was the responsibility of caring for her nephew ~ knowing that he needed her to be strong and healthy ~ that pushed Debi to find a better lifestyle.

"Caring for my nephew, I realized there really was no excuse. I was capable of getting up every day and being healthier. I was just choosing not to. I knew I needed to change my lifestyle."

Debi's search ended when she found Dawn Bartolini on Facebook. Dawn looked so fit, healthy and energetic that at first Debi was certain she was a personal trainer.

A month after Dawn explained the health benefits she had found with Isagenix and Nutritional Cleansing, Debi began her own Isagenix journey.

30 pounds and many inches later, Debi now has all the energy and confidence she needs to meet her many responsibilities with ease. Feeling tired and run down is definitely a thing of the past.

"Overall, I believe that finding the Isagenix system is the best thing that could have happened to me. I love sharing these products and my journey with others and helping them look and feel their absolute best."

One Team mate who has been inspired by Debi's energy and transformation is Roselle Monsalud.
Between working as a healthcare Project Manager, caring for her home and shuttling her active daughter to endless activities, Roselle was worn down and sleep deprived.

She had spent years on the dieting treadmill. Trying to change bad habits and setting unreachable goals ~ only to end up in failure each time.

At 50, her once athletic 120 pound figure had now shot up to 180 pounds. She needed a better solution.

Her friend Debi's transformation caught Roselle's attention. Debi was slimmer, healthier and more energetic than ever ~ how had she done it?.

When Debi explained about the Isagenix System, Roselle was skeptical at first. "Not another fad diet!" she thought. But when Debi and Dawn showed her the peer-reviewed science behind Isagenix, Roselle was convinced.

She and her daughter started their Isagenix Programs together last summer and have never looked back.

"The Isagenix System is so simple and manageable that I found myself really sticking to the program." says Roselle.

"Those goals that I thought were never attainable were right in front of me. Since starting on the Isagenix Program, I've lost 22 inches and I'm down 3 dress sizes. To say that I am happy is an understatement !"

As the excess weight melts away, Roselle has finally found the deep, restful sleep she was missing and the pleasure of waking up feeling refreshed and ready for her day. She now has the energy to get through her workout routine ~ and has even started adding to it.

"I will definitely continue on this journey. I encourage others to try Isagenix ~ not just as a weight loss program, but rather as a holistic approach to a healthier and happier you !"
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