Team Call 2017-08-16

August 16, 2017
Meet Peter Kaufmann and Deron Keeton
This week: Hooked on Healthy Success !
An Isa-Entrepreneur and Musician and a Personal Fitness Trainer ~ our guests this week followed a healthy path to a new lifestyle and financial freedom and are now hooked on bringing that healthy success to others.
Meet Peter Kaufmann and Deron Keeton
When Pete Kaufmann and his wife Wendy first started on the Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing Program, they planned to only follow it for a month. That was three years and a lifestyle ago.

In 2014, Pete was impressed by a gym friend's Isagenix results. He was careful about what he and Wendy put into their bodies though, as Wendy had gone through therapy for stage 3 breast cancer only 4 years before.

So, first Pete carefully researched the Isagenix products. Then they both signed up for their first Isagenix 30-Day Programs.

Shortly after ~ they were hooked for life. "We had never seen results like that in our lives and more importantly ~ WE FELT AMAZING!", says Pete.

Pete went on to shed 30 pounds and Wendy shed 17 pounds. The benefits didn't stop there. Following the simple Isagenix Maintenance Plan, Pete later released another 11 pounds and Wendy released another 15 pounds!

Of course, with results like that, people noticed. Through friends, relatives and referrals Pete and Wendy began building their Isagenix Team.

The extra income stream from their Isagenix business made a huge difference. Pete was a struggling professional drummer and Wendy worked in corporate America. With medical bills and a home in foreclosure, they barely made ends meet.

It was meeting, and working with, Isagenix Superstar Alexis Romano that kicked their Isagenix Business into high gear. Working hard, they retired Wendy from her corporate job after the first year ~ and kept building on their success from there.

Today, financially free with a growing international Isagenix Team, the couple has moved from New Jersey to their dream home in New Orleans.

"The greatest part of all our Isagenix success is watching our team succeed. This is the greatest business. When your team succeeds, YOU succeed. It's the ultimate win-win ~ helping others transform their health and their finances as well."

A Team Member who is also hooked on healthy success is Deron Keeton.
As a personal trainer, Deron was sure he ate properly and was in pretty good shape.

Still, he just didn't seem to have the energy he needed to make it through his busy days.

That changed soon after becoming Pete Kaufmann's personal trainer last year.

After weeks of seeing Pete always carrying around his bottle of Isagenix Cleanse for Life, Deron finally asked him what the bottle was.

Pete explained about Isagenix, then invited Deron to an Isagenix event. When they called for the multi 6-figure income earners and Pete stood up, Deron saw the potential!

"I was immediately interested in the business opportunity. Though I enjoyed being a personal trainer, the daily grind of trading time for money was not my vision."

Anxious to try the Isagenix products for himself, Deron started his first Isagenix 30-Day Program and began incorporating the Isagenix Amped Performance Products into his daily routine.

When he dropped 2% body fat and felt his energy skyrocket, Deron knew he had found products he could have confidence in ~ and started sharing.

As he builds his own Isagenix business by helping others, Deron is enjoying both the extra income stream and his newfound time freedom.

"To say Isagenix has changed my life would be an understatement. Not only do I look and feel better, I am able to wake up every single day and create the life that I want. I am now in control of my own success."
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