Team Call 2016-09-28

September 28, 2016
Meet Johnathon Patzwald and Kerry Sett
This week: Inspiring New Hope !
A Master of Education and High School Teacher and his colleague ~ a High School Teacher and mother of two ~ this week's guests found new hope for healthy change in their lives through Nutritional Cleansing and are now inspiring that same hope in others around them.
Meet Johnathon Patzwald and Kerry Sett
Johnathon's story starts with his wife. As a budding professional horse trainer, she was looking for a convenient way to get the extra nutrition she needed in her new career. Her fellow horse lover and life-long friend, Lisa Washington, told her she just had to try Isagenix.

When his wife signed up for her Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing Program, Johnathon was 'encouraged' to try it as well.

Between teaching, coaching and attending Master's classes ~ quick meals and junk food had become Johnathon's go-to diet. As he started replacing his usual fast food with Isagenix, he began noticing a few changes.

"My 'Aha!' moment came when I realized my pants were starting to sag like my students' and all of a sudden I was starting to get my sexy hip lines back!"

Following the Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing Program, Johnathon went on to release 15 pounds and couldn't get over how much his energy and performance increased while his junk-food cravings disappeared. He was now leaner and trimmer than he had been as a competitive swimmer in college, 11 years before ~ without working out nearly as much!

Johnathon's Isagenix business journey started when he attended the 2015 Isagenix Celebration. Inspired by the team spirit, company vision and the health and wealth transformations he saw, he began actively sharing the Isagenix products with others ~ building his own Isagenix Team.

"As a result of sharing these awesome nutritional foods with friends and family, my wife and I have started to develop a new income stream. Income that we are counting on, as we are expecting our first child in January. It really is a win win situation!"

One of the people Johnathon shared that winning hope with is a fellow High School Teacher, Kerry Sett.
Kerry's journey to a healthier lifestyle began when she decided to join a family weight-loss challenge.

She had been unhappy with her body ~ but in October of 2015 she was finally ready to commit to a change.

Seeing the results that Johnathon and others had achieved with Nutritional Cleansing, Kerry was intrigued. She had been looking for a Program that was both healthy and easy to fit into her family's busy schedule.

Isagenix appeared to fit the bill exactly ~ so Kerry enrolled with Johnathon and began her own Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing Program.

The results she obtained by following the Isagenix System helped her dominate her family's weight-loss challenge. "Since I started following the Isagenix Program, I have more energy, save money on our grocery bill, feel healthier, and . . . I have released 70 pounds ! ", says Kerry.

Her new healthy lifestyle has also had an impact on her husband, son and daughter. All of them now use the Isagenix Products to improve their athletic performance.

"I love that the Isagenix products are safe, effective and nutritious for anyone trying to achieve their own, individual health goals. Even when I enjoy myself at family holiday dinners, I no longer feel guilty ~ I know I can always do a cleanse and get right back on track."
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