Team Call 2016-04-20

April 20, 2016
Meet Jessica McCoy and Jeremy Solmes.
This week:
" Reaching Out ! " In a world of marketing hype, a Person-to-Person Program, based on caring about and helping others, really stands out. This week's guests transformed their lives ~ all because someone cared enough to reach out and offer them a better way.

Meet Jessica McCoy and Jeremy Solmes.
When Jessica's friends Sarah and her husband started on their Nutritional Cleansing Program, they thought of Jessica and reached out.

A stressed mother of 2, Jessica knew she needed a drastic change in her life. As she puts it, "I was physically, mentally and financially drained. Not to mention feeling completely uninspired."

But when Sarah called, Jessica was filled with self-doubt. That little voice in her head said "30 Days... you can't even exercise for more than 2 days in a row and you expect to do something for 30 Days?". So she made some polite excuses and decided to put off her decision until she saw Sarah's results for herself.

Jessica spent those 30 days thinking about her life. She had a dream family, but inside she still felt miserable ~ uncomfortable in her own skin. She longed for something that would help her change her inner life and start feeling true joy again.

By the time she saw Sarah and her husband's "jaw-dropping" 30-Day results, Jessica was ready. She signed up for her own 30-Day Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing Program. The results were everything she had been hoping and searching for.

She did of course release several pounds ~ she hadn't had much to lose in the first place ~ but the biggest change was inside. "I had the feeling of thousands of pounds of internal stress slowly start melting away. It felt like I could breathe for the first time in a long time. I felt ALIVE! I felt like I was able to be the fun, loving wife, mother and friend I always knew I had in me to be."

Realizing that she had found something special, Jessica began her own reaching out, sharing the Isagenix potential for change with everyone she met. "It became second nature to share this gift ~ a personal development program with a Compensation Plan attached."

One person who is very glad Jessica reached out is Jeremy Solmes.
Jeremy had always just been one of those "fat kids" at school. Special diets, gym memberships... nothing seemed to make any difference.

In fact, the constant pressure to lose weight only added to his stress. Stress he relieved by eating more.

As he grew up, Jeremy just accepted that he would always be overweight and got on with his life. At 38, he was a local councilor and very involved in his community. But still, inside he knew he was way out of shape in so many ways ~ physically of course, mentally with a negative self image and self talk, and financially drained.

When Jeremy received a facebook message from his high-school friend Jessica, inviting him to join the Isagenix IsaBody Challenge, he ignored it. "What was an IsaBody Challenge and why should she care about him anyway?"

Three years later he remembered that message. He had just come from the hospital. A doctor had taken him aside to explain what might happen if he didn't get his body under control. The kindly doctor's parting words were "I trust that a smart fellow like you will do what's best for yourself."

That very day, Jeremy committed to changing his life. He found Jessica's 3-year old message and told her was ready for a change. Joining his first Isagenix IsaBody Challenge was the start of a new life for Jeremy. To date he has shed 95 pounds and 104 inches ~ and has no intention of ever stopping.

"I am still in awe with the help I have had from Jessica. Even though it took me 3 years to reply back, I am so glad she did reach out to me to try the Isagenix IsaBody Challenge. It's amazing to have someone who cares and is always there for you."

As he starts his second IsaBody Challenge, Jeremy is upbeat and feeling awesome. "I feel like a million dollar Rockstar. I'm happy all the time ! What more could a man ask for? I only wish I hadn't waited those 3 years."
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