Team Call 2016-04-13

April 13, 2016
Meet Jill Birth and Janika Barfuss.
This week:
" The Power to Transform ! " One of the joys of our amazing Team is the Power to impact lives. Our guests this week committed to a Plan, used the Products, followed the Program and reaped the rewards ~ both physically and financially. Their stories and results are truly inspirational!

Meet Jill Birth and Janika Barfuss.
Jill's trail of broken diets started in the 3rd grade, when the school nurse told her "she was one fat little kid and needed to go home and get on a diet".

With those 'encouraging' words, Jill became an expert at starting diets.

Before she found Isagenix, she had accumulated 24 'Before' pictures and not a single 'After'. She even tried out for the 'Biggest Loser' TV show.

NOT making it onto the TV show turned out to be Jill's big break. A patient at the Dental Clinic where she worked suggested Nutritional Cleansing and Jill decided to give it a try. She followed the Isagenix Cleansing and Weight Loss Program to the letter and worked out 3 to 4 hours a week at home. The weight started dropping off as her energy kept going up ~ the results were her incentive to keep going.

By the season finale, Jill was the 'Biggest Winer'! She shed over 100 pounds ~ more than any of the 'successful' contestants who made it onto the show! She went on to release a total of 131 pounds and ~ following a simple Isagenix Maintenance Program ~ has kept the weight off for over 5 years.
Jill's rewards went beyond healthy weight loss and well-being. Her accomplishments won her the 2011 IsaBody Challenge Grand Prize of $25,000 and an all-expenses-paid cruise.

Inspired by her results, Jill was compelled to share the Isagenix opportunity with others. Within a short time she built her Isagenix Team and was able to retire from her 22-year dental assistant job to enjoy a six-figure Isagenix Income.

Now able to share with her family all the quality time they deserve, Jill loves her new life. "I believe that EVERYONE deserves a chance to walk through life with a healthy body, walk in confidence and live the life of their dreams physically and financially."

Among those who share Jill's Isagenix vision is her friend Janika Barfuss.
Janika really needed a transformation in her life. She ate 'healthy' and exercised when she could, but was still a tired, stressed, mother of 4 whose clothes just never seemed to fit properly.

When Jill suggested the Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing Program, Janika reluctantly agreed to try it for 30 days.

After just a few days Janika didn't need those afternoon naps to make it through the day anymore. Then her clothes began to fit better again. Soon the changes in her energy, mood and body were noticeable to everyone around her. By her 30th birthday she had achieved her goal weight and felt better than ever before.

"I loved how good I was feeling and knew that I wanted to continue on with the products and share them with others."

When Janika's husband lost his job, she decided to look more closely at the business side. She attended a local Isagenix Opportunity Meeting and knew immediately that this was the answer to their financial problems. Janika went to work! Within a short time she achieved Crystal Manager and earned over $10,000.

In the meantime, her husband had found a new job. But that meant he was now away from home 12 to15 hours a day. This was certainly not the life Janika wanted for her family - her new goal was to retire him. Armed with the energy and power Isagenix gave her to accomplish her goals, Janika got serious.

"I continued to grow my Isagenix business and in just a few months, I was able to retire him from his 9-5 job. Isagenix gave us the health, energy, time and money freedom to pursue our dreams. I am so glad I took a chance on myself and said YES!"
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