Team Call 2016-03-23

March 23, 2016
Meet Peter Kaufmann, Natasha Nelson and Toby and Pilar Bairaktaris.
This week:
" Flipping the Energy Switch '" ~ It takes energy and clarity to change your life. Although the healthy living and weight loss they discovered were important to this week's guests, the biggest benefit they found was the restful sleep and boundless vitality to accomplish their goals.

Meet Peter Kaufmann, Natasha Nelson and Toby and Pilar Bairaktaris.
Peter had always been a health and fitness buff ~ but the products he took to boost his workouts left him feeling bloated, tired and lethargic instead.

His search for a natural, safe alternative ended when his friend Barry introduced him to Isagenix. By the end of his first Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing System, Peter had shed 30 pounds. Even better, the bloated feeling was gone and his energy skyrocketed ~ all without any harmful chemicals or stimulants!

Unlike any other program he had tried, the health and vitality benefits continued afterwards ~ on just a simple Isagenix Maintenance Program. In fact, Peter has shed another 11 pounds ~ dropping to a lean 146 lbs. Now in the best shape of his life, he devotes his new-found energy to building his Isagenix Team ~ sharing his discovery with friends and family.

"Isagenix has not only transformed our health, but our WEALTH. This is hands down THE greatest business opportunity I've EVER experienced. Such an incredible company with amazing life-changing products!"

One of those inspired by Pete's zest for life is Natasha Nelson.
As the mother of an active toddler, Natasha's energy was at an all-time low. Even though she lived a healthy, organic lifestyle, she was still tired all the time and dreamed of a few hours of real sleep.

When Pete and his wife Wendy came to visit, their youthful glow made a big impression. Although their weight-loss story was interesting, Natasha wasn't looking for yet another diet. But then Pete told her about the boundless energy and restful sleep he had found with Nutritional Cleansing. Now she was really interested!

"At that point, I broke down in tears, telling them how tired I was and that I would try ANYTHING if it meant I could gain some energy and feel better.", says Natasha. She signed up for an Isagenix President's Pack and started her first 30-Day Program.

Natasha slept through her first 8-hour night in years and within a few weeks her energy returned and her pregnancy weight began dropping off. Continuing with the Isagenix Program, her results only got better. "Today, I am the fittest I have been since my 20's. I feel incredible, energized and vibrant."

Of course, Natasha began sharing her Isagenix breakthrough with everyone she met. As she shared, she began building her own Isagenix business part-time ~ getting her products paid for and helping with her monthly expenses along the way.

One couple Natasha shared Pete's Isagenix gift with are Toby and Pilar Bairaktaris.
Turning 40 brought a lot of health and lifestyle goals to Toby and Pilar. Unfortunately, 40 came and went without much change.

Toby was working 50+ hours a week in his finance job ~ drinking 15-20 cups of coffee a day, just to keep going. Still fatigued and now worried about his health, Natasha's facebook post about the benefits of Nutritional Cleansing caught his eye.

Anxious to get back to his goals, Toby signed up for his first 30-Day Isagenix Program. Within the first week, he knew he had made the right decision. Weight started dropping off and his energy shot up ~ without the coffee! "I had a TON of natural energy, mental clarity, my stomach issues had dissipated, and I felt GREAT!"

By the time that Toby had shed 19 pounds and 23 inches, his wife Pilar was so excited that she jumped on board too. Now 11 pounds lighter and 27 inches smaller, Pilar is thrilled with her Isagenix results.
"I have so much more energy. I sleep better, and I have much more patience now, allowing me to be a better mom to our children."

Our couple's Isagenix Journey didn't end there. When Toby and his employer parted ways, he and Pilar dove into their Isagenix Business full-time.

As they work together to build their new lifestyle and residual income, Toby and Pilar could not be happier with the freedom they have found.

"Isagenix has allowed us to work together from home, be heavily involved with our kids and so much more. Having great health and freedom, while creating residual income, is something we never knew was possible, but here we are, living it!"
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