Team Call 2016-02-24

February 24, 2016
Meet Kelly Bartoletti and Mary Waterbury.
This week:
" Champions Building Champions '" ~ Overcoming challenges is contagious. This week's guests found a healthy lifestyle system that helped them overcome challenges in their own lives . . . and then went on to inspire and nurture others.

Meet Kelly Bartoletti and Mary Waterbury.
A year into recovery from cancer surgery, chemo and radiation therapy, Kelly was feeling worse every day instead of better.

Rundown, overweight from the steroids, lethargic and sore, she needed a real solution to get her life back.

Convinced that proper nutrition was the answer, Kelly started looking into supplements, food and wellness. The sheer volume of contradictory information she found was overwhelming. Finally, a friend's facebook posts about Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing and Support cut through her confusion.

The more she found out about the Isagenix Program the more sense it made to her. "All of my cells, the good and the bad, had been destroyed from the chemo and my body was going to be growing new ones. I saw this as an opportunity to grow strong, beautiful, and healthy new cells!"

She signed up for her first 30-Day Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing Program and started seeing results almost immediately. As her focus and mental clarity returned she found she now had the energy to walk 3 miles a day and even started working out.

Three months and 35 pounds later, Kelly was a new woman. Energized, positive, radiant and excited, she knew she had to share her Isagenix success with others ~ impacting their health the way she had overcome her own challenges.

Having no desire to go back to her corporate banking job, Kelly jumped into the Isagenix financial opportunity. With help from her Team mates ~ Isagenix superstars Dawn Ferrentino and Alexis Romano ~ Kelly began building her Isagenix Business. "All of a sudden, it wasn't about me. It was 100% about others!"

Among the people impacted by Kelly's passion is Mary Waterbury.
A Certified Health Coach, fitness enthusiast and mother of three, Mary didn't have a big problem she was trying to solve.

There was of course that last 10 pounds she was constantly fighting with. Losing it only to gain it back, year after year. So, in 2013, when her daughter Cara told her about the Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing Program she wanted to try, Mary decided to do it with her.

To her delight, those 10 pounds soon disappeared. Even better, by simply following an Isagenix Maintenance Program those pounds never came back. Comfortable and happy in her body, with renewed energy, mental clarity and no more food cravings, Mary was ready for new challenges.

When she started Crossfit training in 2014 at age 57, Isagenix products helped keep her energy and performance at peak. IsaLean Shakes, e-Shots, Ionix, Replenish and Amped are all part of her daily workout regimen. "I know if it wasn't for Isagenix I couldn't do half the things I do at Crossfit", says Mary, who this year plans to beat her #20 Florida Crossfit Open ranking.

Of course, Isagenix has become a cornerstone of her family's health as well. One of her proudest accomplishments was helping her twin 19-year-old sons each release 30 pounds by following her Isagenix example. "This was the greatest gift I could give them. What they are learning now about a healthy lifestyle at their age is priceless."

In Isagenix Mary also found the answer to her coaching clients' biggest problem ~ not just losing weight simply and conveniently, but keeping it off. "Isagenix is what was missing from my health coaching practice. With the network marketing business model, I can reach so many more people ~ helping them achieve success in both their health and their finances."
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