Team Call 2016-02-03

February 3, 2016
Meet Joe Romano and Brian Showers.
This week:
" Finding your How '" ~ Finding your 'Why' gives you motivation. Finding your 'How' puts you on the fast path to setting and accomplishing your life goals. This week's guests started with 'Why', then found their 'How' to achieving health and financial freedom.

Meet Joe Romano and Brian Showers.
Joe Romano's 'Why' is one every parent can understand. Working as a full-time teacher during the week and bar-tending till 4:30 AM on the weekends left Joe with little time or energy for what he cared about most ~ his 2 young sons.

Being introduced to Nutritional Cleansing by his sister ~ Isagenix Superstar Alexis Romano ~ did help. Following the Isagenix Program, Joe released 50 pounds and felt energized. Still, Joe had no interest at all in the business. Even as he shared the products with others and his Isagenix business slowly built itself, he never took it seriously.

All that changed one day when Alexis showed him one of her bonus cheques. Then Joe took it very seriously. He had already seen the Isagenix product results for himself. Now, more than anything, he wanted the freedom Isagenix offered to spend time with his kids. Committed to his 'Why', Joe finally started doing the work to build his own Isagenix success.

His hard work and dedication certainly paid off. Today, Joe is a 5-Star Isagenix income earner and a cross-fit athlete. He's got his freedom, his health and his life back and ~ best of all ~ free time to enjoy with his kids.

"The lifestyle I have now can never be replaced because it's all about my kids. I can finally enjoy the time I have with them and do all the things together that I could never have done in the past."

One member of Joe's Team who is building his own Isagenix vision is Brian Showers.
Before he met Joe, Brian had his 'Why' ~ what Brian was searching for was 'How".

This hard working car salesman had already decided that the daily grind wasn't getting him where he wanted to be.

Robert Kiyosaki's Rich Dad Education Course showed him his way forward ~ building wealth and residual income with Network Marketing. So Brian began his mission ~ searching for the right Network Marketing Company for him. One with products he could trust and believe in, with a simple, lucrative pay plan and a culture that would help him build his future.

When he saw Joe Romano's facebook posts about his Isagenix Team and his health and financial transformation, Brian knew he had found his answer. He signed up for Isagenix immediately and joined Joe's amazing Team.

The results were everything Brian had hoped for. "As a result of getting started with Isagenix, not only am I creating residual income which will lead to financial freedom, but my Isagenix 'overhead' has me in the best shape of my life."

For Brian the best part is that he is creating his own freedom by helping others to become healthier and wealthier. "I don't have to spend the rest of my life working harder for less. With Isagenix, I'm trading my 'H-A-R-D' work for 'H-E-A-R-T' work".
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