Team Call 2016-01-20

January 20, 2016
Meet Dawn Ferrentino and Gina and Marcus Ramirez.
This week:
" Leading By Example " ~ Watching friends and family conquer their health and wealth goals inspired this week's guests to believe they could do it too! Their own impressive success is now igniting the same passion in those around them.

Meet Dawn Ferrentino and Gina and Marcus Ramirez.
Dawn watched for months on Facebook as an old friend ~ Isagenix Superstar Alexis Romano ~ posted amazing Nutritional Cleansing results.

Nutritional Cleansing certainly seemed like the solution to Dawn's problems ~ fatigue, extra weight, feeling discouraged . . . but she put off trying the Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing Program for 8 months because 'it sounded too good to be true'.

In Dawn's own words, she was a 'nightmare client'. Knowing there was a 30-Day money-back guarantee, she even kept the boxes the Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing System came in ~ just in case.

All that changed soon after starting her Isagenix Program. Dawn's extra weight was dropping off and her energy was through the roof ! Everyone kept asking her how she did it and where could they get the Isagenix products for themselves?
After seeing both the health results and the business potential for herself, the light finally clicked on and Dawn was unstoppable.

Taking advantage of the Isagenix financial opportunity, she dove into building her own Team by inspiring others to follow her example.

Now a Top Isagenix Earner and Top Leader, Dawn has retired from her 27-year accounting career to live the life she and her family truly deserve.

Just two of the many Team members inspired by Dawn's vision, energy and success are Marcus and Gina Ramirez.
When Dawn gave a presentation at Gina's Zumba class, it was actually Gina's husband Marcus who was excited to try Isagenix.

At 318 pounds Marcus had reached his limit. Years of yo-yo dieting had left him unhappy, lacking confidence and worried about being around for his family.

Desperate for a change, he jumped at the opportunity when Gina told him about Dawn's Isagenix presentation. He signed up for his first 30-Day Nutritional Cleansing Program that same night.

Within days Marcus began to feel the change as the weight started dropping off and his energy returned. When he finished his first Cleansing Program 32 pounds lighter and bursting with energy, Gina came on board Isagenix too ~ experiencing the same healthy energy boost and releasing 12 pounds.

As a Zumba instructor and Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Gina was a busy young mom ~ juggling working 20-30 hours a week while still caring for the couple's young son. Even so, she and Marcus were still struggling financially, looking for a solution.

Attending their first Isagenix Team event convinced the young couple that Isagenix was the financial vehicle that would allow them to live the life they desired. They began sharing their Isagenix story with others ~ building their Team. By the time their daughter was born, their Isagenix enterprise had grown enough that Gina was able to stop her part-time jobs and stay home to focus on their kids.

Today Gina and Marcus are both devoted to the Isagenix products and to building their Isagenix future. Marcus had shed a total of 70 pounds ~ well on his way to joining the Isagenix 100 Pound Club. Gina has shed 50 pounds - all her pregnancy weight gain and more!

When Marcus was recently laid off from his job again, the couple wasn't worried.

"This time has been completely different, and it's because we now have a solution for our financial circumstances - Isagenix. Even though we have not replaced Marcus' full-time income yet, we know that with hard work, dedication to improving the lives of others, and consistency, we will get there."
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