Team Call 2015-12-16

December 16, 2015
Meet Danielle Woolley and Renata Rasp.
This week:
" Changing From the Inside Out " ~ Weight loss and fitness are only the physical aspects of achieving a healthy lifestyle. The mental clarity, abundant energy and inner determination this week's guests found helped them first accomplish their health goals and then maintain their impressive achievements.

Meet Danielle Woolley and Renata Rasp.
In 2012 Danielle finally reached what she was sure was her ideal weight. For four long years she had been relentless ~ constant dieting, hiring personal trainers and working out every day.

Over the next two years however, things changed.

The stress of her exercise and diet regimen, her full-time job and personal commitments began taking their toll. Her willpower and health deteriorated and the weight started creeping back. By 2014 she was back to 196 pounds ~ this time with a long list of health problems and feeling miserable and cranky.

When her friend Julia called her to share a business opportunity, Danielle almost blew her off. Between severe fatigue, weight gain, difficulty sleeping, mood swings and depression, a new career was the last thing Danielle was looking for. Fortunately, Julia was persistent and told her the rest of the Isagenix story. The key words Danielle heard Julia say were "Nutritional Cleansing". Cleansing was exactly what she felt she needed.

4 days after starting her first 30-Day Isagenix Program, Danielle knew she had made the right decision. As her mood, energy and well-being improved day-by-day, she became more and more confident that she could regain control of her life. It's this change in attitude and outlook she gained that Danielle credits with her success.
36 pounds later, a new happy, energetic, healthy and vibrant Danielle has certainly taken charge. Besides noticing her physical transformation, people around her now keep asking her why she is so happy all the time!

"The products, mindset and personal development training that Isagenix offers ~ as well as the people you meet along the way ~ have assisted me with emotional eating and allow me to continue to grow as I help others."

Ecstatic to have her life back, she is busy building her own Team of happy, passionate people who love to see others succeed as they have.

A work colleague ~ and now Team member ~ with whom Danielle shared her new happy outlook is Renata Rasp.
Renata had been overweight and even morbidly obese for most of her adult life ~ at one point reaching 300 pounds. Through endless diets and plans she lost some weight each time ~ only to put it all back and then some.

Along with the extra pounds came constant joint discomfort, inflammation and then Type 2 diabetes. Almost worse was the lack of energy and focus and the daily brain fog that left her nodding off at her desk in the afternoon.

At work, Renata had watched Danielle struggle with her own health and happiness issues. Then she began noticing the changes as Danielle progressively lost weight, became more cheerful, relaxed and even happy. Renata's curiosity got the best of her ~ she had to ask what Danielle was doing.

Having seen the transformation for herself, Renata decided to sign up for her own Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing Program that same night. Within days of starting her Program, the brain fog started to lift and her energy shot up. As the weight melted off and her joint discomfort diminished, she now found herself jumping out of bed looking for new challenges to tackle and actually bounding up stairs!

With the support of her Isagenix Team and her mentor Danielle, Renata has shed over 70 pounds and 75 inches to date. With new boundless energy she is now obsessed with yoga, daily morning walks ~ and is even planning to start running. Of course accomplishing these goals has meant changes that are deeper than just the physical.

"A beautiful thing has happened to me along this journey. Through Isagenix and specifically the Healthy Mind & Body Program, I am learning how I can literally change my old ways of thinking and break old habits of negative self-talk and replace it with positive and encouraging thinking."
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