Team Call 2015-12-02

December 2, 2015
Meet Ciji Siddons, Maeghan Scott and Jennifer Froysland
This week:
" Passion for Changing Lives "~ The only thing better than finding your life passion is when that passion centers on helping others. This week's guests are busy sharing their passion and changing lives.

Meet Ciji Siddons, Maeghan Scott and Jennifer Froysland.
Ciji Siddons never gave up on finding her life's passion. Through college, then working as a waitress and bartender, she kept searching.

When Tara Romano introduced Ciji to the Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing Program five years ago, Ciji knew that she had found something special.She was so inspired that she decided to pursue ~ and achieve ~ a Master's degree in Nutrition Education.

Ciji's Isagenix business breakthrough came two years later at an IsaU event. "I finally got it ~ It's not about you - it's about all the other people that you can help to achieve what they want." Inspired by her team mates, she set new goals, started building her future with Isagenix and finally found the passion and lifestyle she had been looking for.

Having set her sights high, Ciji went to work. Within a year, she was earning a serious Isagenix income and just kept going from there. Today, Ciji is an Isa-Millionaire and an amazing Team Leader. She has built an impressive international Team while enjoying the freedom of working for herself ~ on her own terms.

One member of Ciji's Team of Isa-Entrepreneurs is Maeghan Scott.
Leaving college with both a degree in Communications and about 15 extra pounds, eventually led Maeghan to her own passion.

While researching solutions to her weight problem, she became entranced with the idea of controlling how we look and feel through proper nutrition.

Pursuing her new interest, she soon found herself in the same grad school program as Ciji. After graduation, Maeghan began her quest for the ideal Nutritional system to incorporate into her new coaching career. Following Ciji's Isagenix success on social media, she was amazed at how much fun Ciji was having and by how many people she was helping.

When she contacted Ciji, Maeghan was impressed by the Isagenix products, systems and business model. Knowing that the true test would be in the results, she decided to try the Program for herself.

Her first 30-Day Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing Program had her convinced ~ great tasting products, better sleep, enhanced energy and performance . . . "My belief in the program grew with every shake I drank and with every person I was able to help."

Maeghan has gone on to build her own Isagenix Team ~ helping many more people in their personal quest for health and vitality.

One of those new Team members is Maeghan's friend, Jennifer Froysland.
Marriage agreed with Jennifer ~ maybe even a little too much. After only 6 months there certainly was more of her to love. She decided to buckle down and get back into shape.

A Paleo diet had worked for her before, so she tried it again ~ as well as counting calories and working out more than ever before. This time, nothing seemed to work. The weight just refused to go!

Frustrated after months of fruitless effort, Jennifer reached out to her friend Maeghan. She wasn't exactly sure what Maeghan was doing, but she had seen the facebook posts of the amazing results. Jennifer called her and said "Just sign me up, whatever it is."

Starting her Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing Program proved to be one of the best decisions Jennifer had ever made. 25 pounds lighter and many inches smaller ~ Jennifer says that the Isagenix System her friend Maeghan shared with her has changed her life. She is now proud to share her success with others.

"I didn't realize how good I could actually feel until I starting putting the correct nutrients into my body. I love Isagenix and look forward to continuing my own personal future with it as well as helping others."
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