Team Call 2015-11-18

November 18, 2015
Meet Sandra Rivera and Diana Marroquin.
This week:
" Weslaco Girls Changing Lives "~ After their own life-changing transformations, these amazing ladies from Weslaco, Texas are now busy helping others find their path to health and vitality.

Meet Sandra Rivera and Diana Marroquin.
Sandra Rivera was convinced she would never be healthy again. Plagued by pain and headaches, with zero energy and mental fog, she was certain she would die at an early age.

Overeating to feel better only made her situation worse. Sandra tried diet after diet, only to gain back even more weight every time. When her friend Alicia Pina invited her to an Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing presentation, Sandra almost said no. She was just so tired of hearing about weight-loss products that never seemed to work for her.

Fortunately Sandra did go and was introduced to the System that would change her life. Following the Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing Program changed not only how Sandra looked, but also how she felt about herself. The discomfort in her head and body quickly disappeared, her energy returned and she found new joy in her life. Encouraged by these results, Sandra has now gone on to shed an amazing 100 pounds!

Friends and family soon wanted to know why she looked so much younger, slimmer and healthier. Sandra's Isagenix Business was born! She decided to share the gift of Isagenix with everyone she met.

"I began earning an income, which I love and everyday I thank God that I feel amazing while sharing this incredible gift and making money!"

Sandra's new joy and enthusiasm touches the lives of everyone around her including another "Weslaco Girl" ~ Diana Marroquin.
Diana was a health disaster. In the last year she had endured thyroid cancer surgery, two knee surgeries and a collar bone surgery. Diabetes, high cholesterol and the stress of a pile of medical bills topped off her list.

Diana knew it was time for a drastic change. As a retired Science and Technology teacher with a Masters in Counseling, she understood the importance of proper diet, nutrition and sleep. When Sandra presented the Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing Program to her, Diana was more than ready for a new, healthy lifestyle.

Diana started seeing results immediately after starting her own Isagenix Program. Energy and mental clarity came back first. Her stress levels went way down, she began sleeping better and the pounds started to melt off ~ going from a size 22-24 to a size 18! Soda pop, junk food and exhaustion have been replaced by Nutritional Cleansing, healthy eating and youthful energy.

"I have the most amazing mental clarity and focus now. I feel younger and more energetic ~ and I look amazing !! "

Inspired by her own transformation, Diana is now putting her Teaching and Counseling skills to good use. She is building her Isagenix business stress-free ~ teaching others in her community about Nutritional Cleansing and coaching them to achieve their own Isagenix success.
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