Team Call 2015-11-04

November 4, 2015
Meet Dawn Ferrentino and Meredith Lamendola.
This week:
" Retiring to Your Vision! " ~ This week's guests discovered products that reinvigorated their lives and a program that helped them retire from Corporate America to build their new healthy lifestyle.

Meet Dawn Ferrentino and Meredith Lamendola.
In Dawn's own words, she was a 'nightmare client'. Nutritional Cleansing certainly seemed like the solution to her problems ~ fatigue, extra weight, feeling discouraged . . . She reached out on Facebook to an old friend ~ Isagenix Superstar Alexis Romano ~ but then put off trying the Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing Program for 8 months because 'it sounded too good to be true'.

Fast forward a few months after starting her Isagenix program . . . Dawn's extra weight was gone and her energy was through the roof ! Everyone kept asking her how she did it and where could they get the Isagenix products for themselves?
After seeing the results and the business potential for herself, the light finally clicked on and Dawn was unstoppable. Knowing that Isagenix had a solution for financial freedom, she dove into the opportunity. Despite working 2 jobs and caring for 2 sons, Dawn found the time and energy to build her own Isagenix business.

Now a Top Isagenix Earner and Top Leader, Dawn has retired from her 27-year accounting career to live the life she and her family truly deserve.

"My kids are my vision and my why. I wanted to help other Moms be able to stay home with their young children because I missed out on all of that. I missed all the firsts. . . first walk, first words, etc."

One of the many Team members inspired by Dawn's vision, energy and success is Meredith Lamendola.
Meredith had a tough time finding this 'before' picture. An embarrassed, overweight, moody mother of two, she usually hid from the camera. Between the extra weight she had gained after the birth of her son, an unfulfilling job and excruciating joint pain, she was sad and exhausted with nowhere to turn for relief.

Searching for her solution, she found inspirational stories and photos about Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing on Facebook ~ and Dawn Ferrentino. Meredith started her own Isagenix Program right away and within days began noticing the changes. She was finally smiling again and even had the energy to play with her kids. With Dawn’s coaching, healthy lifestyle changes and Nutritional Cleansing, Meredith has shed 35 pounds and over 22 inches ~ and she's still going strong!

The Isagenix business opportunity has also had a major impact on Meredith's life. Once she started sharing her Isagenix discovery with everyone around her, her business started to grow. Flexible hours, freedom to choose the people she worked with and being able to spend time with her family was exactly the opportunity she was looking for.

In June, Meredith decided to retire from her job in Corporate America to pursue her dreams and passion with Isagenix. "For the first time in my life, I found my WHY. I didn’t want to miss any more sick day cuddles, school parties, class trips and time home with my family."
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