Team Call 2015-10-14

October 14, 2015
Meet Racheal Armooh and Nadia Kaid ~ Special Guest Rich Meily.
Special Guest:
Rich Meily

Rich Meily ~ AKA Mr. Anti-Aging ~ is a 38-year Network Marketing Veteran, Team Builder and Isa-Entrepreneur. 67 years young! His secret weapons to staying in shape and playing competitive racquetball are E-shots & Amped Power!

"Everyone who cares about health, energy, endurance, performance and quicker recovery time should be using our Isagenix products! I'm still competing and playing racquetball with 20 & 30yr olds and am injury free!"
This week:
" Empowering Change " ~ We all have habits or situations we'd love to change ~ if only we knew how. This week's guests found the tools, program and support that gave them the power to change and a step-by-step plan for success.

Meet Racheal Armooh and Nadia Kaid.
When Racheal looked in the mirror she saw a tired, chunky stranger living in yoga pants and loose tops to hide her body. Between caring for her two young children and her full-time job running a pediatric office she was beyond exhausted and beyond hope.

Her friend Stephanie Bryant's facebook posts about Nutritional Cleansing ~ and her amazing transformation photos ~ got Racheal's attention. The day she decided to try the Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing Program was the day she gave up on fad diets and baggy tops. "I just decided I was not going to settle anymore, I had had enough ! I wanted to be ME again."

27 pounds later, Racheal was herself again ~ energized and back in her jeans and body-hugging tank tops. From that moment on she was 100% committed. She was on every Isagenix training call and attended all the events. She found time ~ then made even more time ~ to share Isagenix with as many people as possible.

In eleven months of helping others, Racheal has built a solid Isagenix Team and a solid future. When she was laid off from her day job, she wasn't worried. She had a Plan and she was moving forward. Now, working full-time towards her Isagenix goals , she still has more time for her husband and children than before and has even started planning the house of their dreams.

One new member of Racheal's exploding Isagenix Team is Nadia Kaid.
Overweight, with no sense of purpose or direction, Nadia was ready for change. When she saw her friend Racheal's amazing transformation, she found a ray of hope. When she began following Stephanie Bryant's inspirational Nutritional Cleansing videos on facebook, she was hooked.

One day, after watching one of Stephanie’s videos, Nadia remembers calling her friend Priscilla and saying “We HAVE to do this. I want what these ladies have." With that, they both signed up and began their Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing journey together.

Nadia has been amazed at the dramatic changes the Isagenix Program has made in her life. She credits her transformation to the Isagenix products, the loving support of her Team mates and the inner joy and determination she felt each day as she found herself again.

"In truth, I feel like I cleansed my body AND my mind because I truly fell in love with myself again and I fell in love with sharing Isagenix with everyone I know and love."

Today, Nadia is paying it forward as she empowers others to find their own Isagenix vehicle to success.
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