Team Call 2015-10-07

October 7, 2015
Meet Ciji Siddons and George Doumanian.
This week:
" When Quitting is NOT an Option " ~ It's often said that many people quit just before they become successful. This week's guests found healthy products that worked for them ~ then set out with determination and perseverance to build a future without compromises.

Meet Ciji Siddons and George Doumanian.
Quitting has never been an option for Ciji Siddons. Through college, then working as a waitress and bartender, Ciji kept searching for her life's purpose.

When Tara Romano introduced Ciji to the Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing Program five years ago, it had a huge impact on her health and energy. Enough that it inspired Ciji to pursue ~ and achieve ~ a Master's degree in Nutrition Education.

Ciji's Isagenix business breakthrough came two years later at an IsaU event, when she says "I finally got it ~ It's not about you - it's about all the other people that you can help to achieve what they want." Inspired by her team mates, she set new goals, started building her future with Isagenix and finally found the passion and lifestyle she had been looking for.

Having set her sights high, Ciji went to work. Within a year, she was earning a serious Isagenix income and just kept going from there. Today, Ciji is an Isa-Millionaire and an amazing Team Leader. She has built an impressive international Team while enjoying the freedom of working for herself ~ on her own terms.

One member of Ciji's Team of determined Isa-Entrepreneurs is George Doumanian.
George is a hard-working, young Notary, entrepreneur and father ~ devoted passionately to success in every corner of his life.

He was no stranger to Network Marketing, having started with another wellness company at the age of 18.

As the years went on, George became more and more disillusioned with the wellness products he was selling. "I started to find ingredients and other things that conflicted with what I knew was truly right for someone to put in their body. I finally just hit a point where I just couldn't do it anymore." Searching for a better opportunity, George reached out to Ciji, whom he had met at a personal development event.

George was impressed both by the quality of the Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing System and by the integrity and leadership he found in Ciji's Team. To be 100% certain, he signed up and tried the Isagenix Program for himself. The results were beyond his expectations. His shredded 6–pack, new lean muscle and sky-rocketing energy were all the proof he needed. George plunged into building his Isagenix business and an impressive new Team of passionate Isa-Entrepreneurs.

"In Isagenix I found what I needed to help me be successful ~ wholesome products that really work, a mentor who knows what she is doing and a proven system for success that I can plug into."
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