Team Call 2015-09-23

September 23, 2015
Meet Dawn Ferrentino and Sue Drake.
This week:
" Skeptics Turned Superstars " ~ Seeing is believing . . . but seeing your very own transformation is life-changing. Inspired by their own success, this week's guests went from skeptics to Cleansing Superstars.

Meet Dawn Ferrentino and Sue Drake.
In Dawn's own words, she was a 'nightmare client'. Nutritional Cleansing certainly seemed like the solution to her problems ~ fatigue, extra weight, feeling discouraged . . . She reached out on Facebook to an old friend ~ Isagenix Superstar Alexis Romano ~ but then put off trying the program for 8 months because 'it sounded too good to be true'.

Even after Dawn finally committed to the Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing Program she was 100% convinced it wouldn't work. She even saved the box so she could return the products. Besides ~ even if it did work ~ there was no way on earth she was ever going to try selling anything!
Fast forward a few months . . . her extra weight was gone and her energy was through the roof ! And 'worse', now everyone kept asking her how she did it and where could they get the Isagenix products for themselves?

The light finally clicked on and Dawn was unstoppable. Despite working 2 jobs and caring for 2 sons, she found the time and energy to build her own Isagenix business. Now a Top Isagenix Earner and Top Leader, Dawn has retired from her 27-year accounting career to live the life she and her family truly deserve.

One of the many Team members inspired by Dawn's energy and success is Sue Drake.
Being 'heavy' and exhausted with zero energy and low self-esteem had become normal for Sue. Her extra weight just kept adding on slowly over the years. Dieting helped for a while but the weight would always come back ~ and then some!

Sue's first introduction to Nutritional Cleansing was a Facebook post from a friend in January of 2013. Sue ignored her ~ and then ignored her again when she reached out a few months later. In May, Sue agreed to a 3-way call with Dawn who answered all her many, many questions. Still, the cleansing days sounded difficult and she just wasn't sure it was for her. Maybe another diet would work . . .

Finally, after 6 long months of indecision, Sue decided to try the Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing Program. The first result she noticed was her energy coming back ~ she was even sleeping better. Then the weight started to come off. Inspired by her own success, Sue committed 100% to her new Isagenix lifestyle and kept on going. 102 pounds later, Sue is a proud member of the Isagenix 100-Pound Club!

At first, Sue also had no intention of doing Isagenix as a business. Another call with Dawn convinced Sue that all these people asking about her transformation were an incredible opportunity. Today, Sue is helping others achieve a healthy lifestyle and building her own Isagenix business.

"I realized that I could do it and I am now helping others get their health back too. That’s the best part – watching people feel good about their health and themselves."
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