Team Call 2015-08-05

August 5, 2015
Stephanie Bryant and Rachel Armooh.
This week:
" Young Moms with a Plan for Success ! " ~ Being a Mom is hard work. Being a working Mom with young children and bills to pay is even harder. This week's guests turned their 'Plan B' into a full-time Plan for Success and Freedom.

Meet Stephanie Bryant and Rachel Armooh.
Two young children, living paycheck to paycheck and an unsatisfying corporate job had taken their toll on Stephanie. She was living in a body she didn't recognize, constantly exhausted and totally frustrated.

Thanks to the persistence of Pete and Wendy Kaufmann, all that began to turn around. 5 days after starting her 30-Day Isagenix Program her energy and focus came back, then the weight started coming off. Seven inches off her waist later, "I was able to hug my husband and my stomach wasn’t in the way. That was all the validation I needed."

Even though friends constantly asked how she had lost the weight, Stephanie still had to be convinced to look at the Isagenix business opportunity. After attending Team meetings and training calls, she scraped together enough money to attend Isagenix Celebration in San Diego. The light finally went on ~ this was the Plan B she had been searching for ~ maybe even Plan A!

Back at home, Stephanie exploded into action. Following the simple systems laid out by her Team, she built a solid foundation for her Isagenix Business. Success followed action and for the first time in her marriage she wasn't using credit cards to pay her bills.

In May of this year, Stephanie left her corporate job to devote herself full-time to her thriving new Isagenix business. "I know that being my own boss, working with a company like Isagenix where there is no limit to my income earning potential ~ choosing to with whom I work ~ when and where I work, is the lifestyle I want. What do you want in life? The choice is yours."

One of Stephanie's Team mates who made that choice is Rachel Armooh.
Rachel also felt trapped in a body she didn't recognize. Looking in the mirror she saw a tired, chunky stranger living in yoga pants and loose tops to hide her body. Between caring for her two young children and her full-time job running a pediatric office she was beyond exhausted and beyond hope.

Stephanie's facebook posts about Nutritional Cleansing ~ and her amazing transformation photos ~ got Rachel's attention. The day she decided to try the Isagenix 30-Day Program was the day she gave up on fad diets and baggy tops. "I just decided I was not going to settle anymore, I had had enough ! I wanted to be ME again."

Thirty days and 27 pounds later, Rachel was herself again ~ energized and back in her jeans and body-hugging tank tops. From that moment on she was 100% committed. She was on every Isagenix training call and attended all the events. She found time ~ then made even more time ~ to share Isagenix with as many people as possible.

In nine months of helping others Rachel has built a solid Isagenix Team and a solid future. When she was laid off from her day job, she wasn't worried. She had a Plan and she was moving forward. Now, working full-time towards her Isagenix goals , she still has more time for her husband and children than before and has even started planning the house of their dreams.

"If there is one piece of advice I can give ~ don’t compromise or discount yourself !", says Rachel, "You deserve to feel and look your best. You deserve to BE YOU ! You deserve to live your dreams to the fullest, with no limits."

"I can't wait to attend my first Isagenix Celebration in San Diego with my Family Business Partners. Isagenix is way more than just weight lossI. It’s really about balancing our health and living our dreams”.
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