Team Call 2015-07-29

July 29, 2015
Alicia Pina and Vicki Clark.
This week:
" Turning Back the Clock " ~ Years of stress and poor eating habits can lead to premature aging, nagging aches and declining energy. Our guests this week found their own fountain of youth and are bursting into their middle years with new energy and a zest for life!

Meet Alicia Pina and Vicki Clark.
At age 46, stressed, sick and tired with barely enough energy to think, Alicia Pina was close to giving up. 28 years as a teacher had taken their toll. She was now heavier than ever and unable to sleep properly or even function from the constant stress.

Fortunately, an Isagenix christmas gift from a friend renewed her energy and, as Alicia herself says, 'saved her life'. Two dress sizes, 19 inches and 15 pounds later, even her complexion had cleared up. Her stress and discomforts disappeared and ~ best of all ~ no more brain fog!

Learning more about the Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing System and it's all-natural ingredients left her even more impressed. Sharing her discoveries and transformation with friends came naturally and soon Alicia was 'network marketing' without really knowing she was doing it. As she helped others live a healthier lifestyle her Isagenix Team naturally continued to grow. By age 50, Alicia was able to retire from teaching to devote all her time to her Isagenix Health and Wealth mission.

Highlighting her healthy, youthful look and new lifestyle on Facebook has proved very successful in attracting New Associates. "People notice things on Facebook", says Alicia, "Our profile picture, skin, energy level and enthusiasm for life. Then they ask, What are you doing?".

It was a Facebook chain of friends and Team mates that eventually lead Alicia to Vicki Clark.
Vicki's Isagenix success is a story of support from her Isagenix family and, above all, perseverance. Vicki has been a truck driver for 26 years and is a Military Veteran of 2 Gulf Wars. She has also battled life-long body image issues that left her with food addictions and a growing weight problem.

Vicki knew she had to make changes in her lifestyle. Her friends Steve and Brandy Kohnstamm convinced her to try Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing, but she just wasn't ready to commit. She watched on Facebook as Steve and Brandy got slim and healthy while she put on 8 more pounds!

Finally in September 2014, with coaching from Steve, Brandy and Alicia Pina, she decided that this was it! She signed up for an Isagenix Pacesetter Pack, committed to change and started a new healthy life. Through ups and downs Vicki stuck to that commitment. 53 pounds and 6 pant sizes later, her perseverance has certainly paid off.

Vicki's new enthusiasm has spread throughout her life. Her husband has shed 15 pounds with Isagenix and her son is gaining lean muscle using the products. Vicki credits the constant support of her Isagenix family with her success . Our new Crystal Director is now committed to achieving financial freedom and is busy building her own Isagenix Team with her husband and son alongside.

"I can't wait to attend my first Isagenix Celebration in San Diego with my Family Business Partners. Isagenix is way more than just weight lossI. It’s really about balancing our health and living our dreams”.
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