Team Call 2015-06-24

June 24, 2015
Meet Tami and Armando Abla.
This week:
" Committing to a Better Future ~ Now ! " ~ Commitment, Focus and Dedication are key to success in any undertaking. Our guest couple are here to show us how much can be accomplished by taking action Now!

Meet Tami and Armando Abla.
Police Officers Tami and Armando understood only too well how important Planning, Teamwork and Dedication were in accomplishing goals. Since meeting ~ in jail ~ then marrying a year later, the couple have applied those skills to building their family's future.

As opportunities for advancement were limited in their day jobs, they began searching for additional income streams to achieve their dreams ~ finally settling on real estate investment. Everything changed though when their daughter Sydney was born with a genetic condition requiring 24-hour care.

In 2012, Tami left her police job to care for her daughter full-time. Nutrition became a primary concern as Sydney was unable to chew. Dismissing the idea of a feeding tube, Tami became an expert in preparing pureed foods and green organic smoothies. Meanwhile, Armando's demanding job, the real estate business and full-time care of Sydney began taking their toll on both Tami and Armando. Fatigue, mental fog and weight gain were their new challenges.

A presentation in 2014 by Shauna Ekstrom and Dr Scott Peterson introduced the couple to Isagenix and network marketing. The weight loss, renewed energy and mental clarity they discovered quickly sold them on the benefits of the Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing Program. Tami and Armando immediately dedicated themselves to the potential of the Isagenix business opportunity and began planning their path to success.
Knowing the importance of attending events and being coachable, their first big step was attending Isagenix NYKO 2015. Inspired, motivated and equipped with the best tools in the industry, they now launched themselves into building their Team. Focus and massive effort payed off. Seven weeks later they achieved Crystal Executive ~ all while Armando still worked 50+ hours a week on the police force.

Best of all are the results they have seen in Sydney. IsaGreens, IsaFruits and Strawberry shakes are now a staple part of her diet, helping her body heal itself and develop. Fully committed to building their future with Isagenix, our couple are certain their transformation has only begun.
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