Team Call 2015-06-10

June 10, 2015
Meet Julia Moroney, Janine Conlon and James Donahue.
This week:
"Building Wealth With Passion" ~ Success seems to come more easily when you are doing something you are truly passionate about. This week's guests are busy turning their Isagenix passion into financial freedom.

Meet Julia Moroney, Janine Conlon and James Donahue.
Julia was excited about building her own Isagenix business. As a young mother of three, working both a full-time and a part-time job to make ends meet, she was sure this was the financial opportunity that would change her life. The results she got from the products were incredible and her enthusiasm was high.

When her Isagenix business didn't take off all by itself she was dumbfounded ~ others around her were succeeding! Was it her upline's fault ~ her downline's? It wasn't until Julia stopped relying on others to build her business for her and started building on her own passion, that her business took off. Realizing that this was HER opportunity to grow and HER responsibility to make it happen was the change in mindset that changed everything.

Since that day Julia has worked hard to build her Isagenix Team. First a 1-Star silver circle, then a Crystal Director and now on her way to 2-Star, Julia is earning a full-time income from her part-time Isagenix business. One of Julia's amazing Team members whose life has also been changed by Isagenix is Janine.
Most New Associates are attracted to Isagenix because of the amazing health benefits. Janine did feel she needed to lose a few pounds but her real motivation was financial.

Her husband had been out of work for much of the previous year and Janine's own photography business was floundering. With two small children at home, Janine was searching for a solution.

While she had blown off Julia's facebook posts about weight loss, a post about the Isagenix business opportunity immediately got her attention. She met with Julia and signed up the next day. "It was a no brainer." says Janine, "I was going to lose weight, which I needed, and help my family achieve financial freedom. I could stop at any time I wanted to and the only overhead was what I was eating anyway."

To date, Janine has shed 45 pounds and her husband has shed 60. Seeing the results for herself, she is a true believer in the health benefits that Isagenix brings. Best of all, her Isagenix business is now bringing in money consistently each and every week. Convinced she has finally found both her passion and her financial solution, Janine is working hard~ building her Team and her income.

Another Team member whose life has been transformed by Julia's Isagenix message is James Donahue.
James had tried endless diet and exercise programs ~ all to no avail. His bad eating habits always won out. Even Crossfit training several times a week was just another excuse to eat more. He was still 50 lbs overweight, tired and unhappy.

Finally, last July, James decided to get serious about his health. He signed up with his friend Julia and started his first 30-Day Isagenix Program. No more binging on junk food! Suddenly his Crossfit training started to show results! Amazed at the changes he saw in just the first month, he ordered another 30-Day and then another . . . 50 pounds later, James just had to share this with everyone he knew.

Today, James is amazed that his new passion has turned into a real business! Reaching out, sharing, enrolling and coaching others to a healthy Isagenix lifestyle has quickly built a growing, dynamic Team.

Despite the new Isagenix income every week, it still doesn't seem like real work to James ~ he's just doing what he loves! "It's truly the most rewarding thing I have done in my entire life and I couldn't be more excited for what's to come. "
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