Team Call 2015-06-03

June 3, 2015
Meet Jen and Tony Labriola and Andrew Lavish.
This week:
"Achieving Lasting Health" ~ Quick fixes seldom last. This week's guests committed to achieving a healthy lifestyle and have reaped the rewards of lasting wellness and vitality.

Meet Jen and Tony Labriola and Andrew Lavish.
Tony was sure he was in good shape. Of course he could stand to lose a few pounds ~ well, 60 pounds actually ~ but at 44 he could still run in a marathon. He just needed to get back to the gym ~ someday... soon. Tony's delusion ended the day his wife Jen asked if he would do a nutritional cleanse with her.

Tony started his first 30-Day Isagenix Program with a promise to himself ~ No cheating, No shortcuts, No excuses! To his surprise, it was a lot easier than he expected. The shakes tasted good! Cleanse days gave him even more energy. Best of all, the program forced Tony to be mindful of his body ~ what he was putting into it and why. Self-awareness helped get rid of his old bad habits and kept him on track as the pounds started melting off.

Two years later, Isagenix is still an important part of Tony's daily life. Healthy and fit inside and out, he's still running marathons ~ but now he finishes an hour sooner. Tony credits his new self to Isagenix, his Team and to the love of his life ~ his wife Jen.
Jen was the picture of good health ~ four awesome kids, a clean organic diet, teaching 4 spin classes a week, running triathlons... then everything suddenly changed. She suffered joint injuries that wouldn't heal, chronic exhaustion, dizziness, numbness and pain. It felt like her body was falling apart and her doctors had no answers.

After a friend told her about Isagenix, Jen decided to try it for herself ~ and recruited husband Tony too. Starting her first 30-Day Program, Jen felt like she'd stepped back into her life. Her head stopped throbbing, her mood improved and she even felt well enough to go back to the gym.

18 months after her symptoms started, Jenn was diagnosed with Lyme disease and was prescribed heavy-duty antibiotics. When those didn't work she tried a naturopath and 40 different supplements a day. Still no change. A friend then suggested Isagenix Product B and Jen gave it a try. Three weeks later, following her improved healthy lifestyle ~ including nutrition, rest, and exercise ~ her symptoms were gone ~ enabling her body to be the miracle it is to heal itself.

"The bottom line is that for me Isagenix has very literally been life altering. It has given me my life BACK. It’s added years to my husband’s life. We will never go a day without putting this incredible nutrition into our bodies.", says Jen. Tony and Jen have inspired many others to change their own lives. Among them are Andrew and Paula Lavish.
At first, gastric bypass surgery seemed to finally help Andrew's lifelong weight problem. His weight dropped, but he didn't feel any better. He had no energy, no desire to exercise and he still craved junk food. Then the pounds started creeping back on.

Watching Tony and Jen get thinner and more energetic, Andrew's wife Paula suggested they try Isagenix too. They enrolled with Jen and began their own life-changing Isagenix journey.

At 220 lbs when he started his first 30-Day Isagenix Program, Andrew set his goal at his high-school weight of 167 lbs. As their energy and focus returned he and Paula started taking walks every day ~ which soon turned into runs, gym workouts and Zumba classes.

After 8 months on Isagenix, Andrew and Paula have released a combined 113 pounds and 128 inches. Filled with energy and lean muscle, Andrew obliterated his goal. The new 'Zumba King' now weighs in at 155 pounds!

Says Andrew, "I Live Isagenix. I am a product of the product. I love this life-changing gift so much that I now coach others in their quest for total fitness."
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