Team Call 2015-05-13

May 13, 2015
Meet Jenn Smith and Annie Houghton.
YOU Can Do This ! ~ Faced with the opportunity to make a real change in their lives, this week's guests found their own ways to achieve their goals with Isagenix.
This week:
"YOU Can Do This !" ~ Faced with the opportunity to make a real change in their lives, this week's guests found their own ways to achieve their goals with Isagenix.

Meet Jenn Smith and Annie Houghton.
With her two young children off to school, this stay-at-home Mom had to ask herself the Big Question ~ "What's next?". The timing was perfect. Jenn's parents ~ the amazing Isamillionaires Kathy and Tom Smith ~ had just returned from Isagenix Celebration. They handed Jenn a 90-Day Game Plan book and said "You Can Do This!".

Determined to make the plan work, Jenn set out on her first step ~ "Become a Product of the Product". As a fitness instructor Jenn thought she was already in pretty good shape. Her Isagenix goals were simple: fit into her skinny jeans again, gain lean muscle and more energy. With her skinny jeans hung where she could see them every day she plunged into her first 30-Day Program and finally discovered for herself what all the buzz was about. She felt amazing, her energy skyrocketed and she soon fit into those jeans.

She reached out to friends, posted her photos on facebook and, sure enough, others began asking to know what she was doing! With her goal sheet, vision board and game plan she got to work building her Team. By April she achieved Crystal Executive and is still going strong.

Sharing Isagenix, helping others share as well and above all having FUN doing it has become Jenn's driving passion. One of the people inspired by Jenn's passion is Annie Houghton.
Although she always saw herself as active and athletic, Annie's challenge was self-control. Food was her biggest weakness. She lived a life of yo-yo dieting ~ losing weight then gaining it back in an endless, frustrating cycle.

A facebook post from Jenn was Annie's inspiration to break free. Even with a few doubts and lots of questions she knew that This Was It ~ she could do this! With the support of her husband and her new Team, Annie started her first 30-Day Program.

More energy, better sleep and weight loss were just the physical benefits Annie found in Isagenix. As the inches went down and the pounds melted off, her self-confidence and her self-image skyrocketed. Annie made her first facebook post about her health journey before she even received the products. Later she was proud to show off her 30, 60 and 90-day results.

The response she got was amazing. Her first new Team Member joined in the first week and others soon followed. "I am so happy that I decided to start when I did and not put things off anymore", says Annie. She is even happier today as she helps others get healthy and STAY healthy with Isagenix.
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