Team Call 2015-05-20

May 20, 2015
Meet Marc and Tara Lepera.
Life's changes have a way of creeping up on all of us. This weeks guests found their path back to their real selves with the help of Isagenix.
This week:
" Finding the Real You! " ~ Life's changes have a way of creeping up on all of us. This weeks guests found their path back to their real selves with the help of Isagenix.

Meet Marc and Tara Lepera.
Marc had always been in good shape but somehow that had just slipped away. Between his stressful job traveling 5 days a week and the joys of newlywed life, his weight had crept up to 220 pounds.

Suddenly his friends were all in better shape than he was. When he asked how they did it, they told him about Isagenix and encouraged him to join too. At first, Marc wanted nothing to do with it. He had tried other weight loss programs and other network marketing companies and they had failed miserably for him ~ he had actually gained weight!

His friends didn't give up on him. What finally convinced Marc to try Isagenix was more how he felt than how he looked. The stress and fatigue from his job and the massive amounts of caffeine he drank to get through his day were taking their toll ~ he felt miserable. He ordered an Isagenix Athletes Pack, and then two weeks later started his first 30-Day Program. 15 pounds lighter, energy through the roof and no caffeine ~ Marc was on his way back to his trim, healthy, happy self.
Marc's wife Tara was right there with him. By the time Marc started his 30-Day Program she could see the difference the products were making for him. Tara went from enthusiastic supporter to full partner and enrolled with her own Isagenix 30-Day system.

The results were way beyond her expectations. She did of course lose some weight but the big difference was how she felt ~ energetic, clear headed and more alive than ever. At the gym, that new energy translated into setting and achieving crossfit personal records one after the other. People around her started asking questions and Tara just couldn't stop talking about her Isagenix transformation.

Discovering she was pregnant pushed Tara into taking the next step. Between Marc's hectic work schedule and her own full-time job she knew they needed to make a change. Sharing Isagenix was her new passion and 'Why' and she was determined to give it 110%.
Marc and Tara turned to their team mates for guidance. With the help of Jaime Lynn Curley and Kathy and Tom Smith they set up a 90-Day Game Plan and got to work.

As their Team grew Tara became more and more convinced that helping people achieve their goals was her life's calling. Five months later, she has now left her corporate 'JOB' to pursue her PASSION.

"I knew this feeling I felt inside couldn't even be defined as passion, it is so much more than that. A sense of gratitude and accomplishment, knowing I helped change somebody's life for the better", says Tara. Today, Marc ~ now 30 pounds lighter ~ and Tara are looking forward to seeing what this amazing Isagenix journey has in store for them next.
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