Team Call 2015-05-27

May 27, 2015
Meet Julia Moroney, Susan Ramos and Danielle Woolley.
It's easy to blame someone or something when life doesn't turn out how we hoped. This week's guests held themselves accountable ~ then got to work building their own dreams.
This week:
" Holding Yourself Accountable " ~ It's easy to blame someone or something when life doesn't turn out how we hoped. This week's guests held themselves accountable ~ then got to work building their own dreams.

Meet Julia Moroney, Susan Ramos and Danielle Woolley.
Julia was excited about building her own Isagenix business. As a young mother of three, working both a full-time and a part-time job to make ends meet, she was sure this opportunity was going to change her life. The products were incredible and her enthusiasm was high.

When her Isagenix business didn't take off all by itself she was dumbfounded ~ others around her were succeeding! Was it her upline's fault ~ her downline's? It wasn't until Julia stopped relying on others to build her business for her and started holding herself accountable, that her business took off. Realizing that this was HER opportunity to grow and HER responsibility to make it happen was the change in mindset that changed everything.

Since that day Julia has worked hard to build her Isagenix Team. First a 1-Star silver circle, then a Crystal Director and now on her way to 2-Star, Julia is earning a full-time income from her part-time Isagenix business. One of Julia's amazing Team members whose life has also been changed by Isagenix is Susan Ramos.
Susan took what some people might use as excuses for being exhausted, brain-fogged and over-weight and turned them into her WHY. Her 3 sons ~ one of whom suffers from autism ~ and the full-time job that takes her time away from them became her reasons. Starting January 14th, Isagenix was her solution.

2 weeks into her first 30-Day cleanse Susan posted a photo on facebook. 92 people PM'd her to ask what she was doing. In February, Susan became the #1 enroller Worldwide ~ with 31 new Associates! Hard work paid off again in March with 22 new Associates ~ again the #1 enroller. Susan credits her success to being genuine ~ simply sharing her Isagenix experience with everyone around her and then helping them achieve their own goals.

"We have a huge gift with Isagenix. People are always looking for ways to get healthy, lose extra pounds or make more income. It's up to us to share the gift with them."

Another Team Mate who is well on the way to achieving her goals is Danielle Woolley.
When Julia called her to share a business opportunity, Danielle was ready. A long list of health problems had her desperate for a solution ~ severe fatigue, weight gain, difficulty sleeping, mood swings, depression... The key words Danielle heard Julia say were "Nutritional Cleansing". Cleansing was exactly what she felt she needed.

4 days after starting her first 30-Day Isagenix Program, Danielle knew she had made the right decision. As her mood, energy and well-being improved day-by-day, she became more and more determined to take control of her life. 30 pounds later, a new happy, energetic, vibrant Danielle has certainly taken charge. Ecstatic to have her life back, she is busy building her Team of passionate, goal-driven people who love to see others succeed as they have. "

"I now wake up each day looking forward to helping others achieve their health and financial goals and empowering them to be everything they want to be. The leadership skills I've gained and the friendships I've formed are life changing in themselves. I highly recommend you see for yourself how great it feels to feel great ! "
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