Team Call 2019-03-05

March 5, 2019
Meet Luna Pang and Reinaldo Handaya
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This week: Seizing Global Opportunities !
Our special guests this month are a former Fashion Designer and Spa Owner ~ now an Isagenix Millionaire ~ and a 3D Rendering Entrepreneur from Bali, Indonesia whose belief in a healthy lifestyle and desire to help others experience the same physical and financial benefits are inspiring people around the globe.
Meet Luna Pang and Reinaldo Handaya
Luna's story is all about a having a consistent work ethic, setting goals, never giving up and constantly challenging herself to be and do better.

Those qualities took her from a new immigrant to Canada, to first a Fashion Designer, then a Spa Owner and now an Isagenix Millionaire with a Global Team.

Luna first discovered the potential of Network Marketing when a friend introduced her to Carole Taylor and Peter Oelmann. Seeing the opportunity, she immediately decided to commit to learning everything she could.

Step 1, of course, was experiencing the benefits of the Isagenix Weight Loss and Cleansing System for herself. "I almost felt my body was experiencing a rebirth, my brain was so clear and my energy was so high. That's when I realized I AM going to be successful !"

Step 2 was setting a goal, then working daily to achieve it. "I set my goal, and I wrote it down ~ 'I will be a million dollar earner in 5 years'. I went to work and never looked back. I became Isagenix Millionaire #29 after 4 years."

Today, Luna spends much of her time traveling ~ building and training her Isagenix Teams around the world.

"I love the fact that I can do my business anywhere, anytime and with anyone. I meet so many wonderful people while expanding my business. Its a fantastic feeling ~  not having to worry about money and knowing that every dollar we make represents someone's life changed for the better."

One of those Global Teams is in the Indonesian province of Bali, where Reinaldo Handaya has also embraced the Isagenix vision.
Twenty-hour days spent building his 3D Rendering business had taken a heavy toll on both Reinaldo's health and his spirit.

At 104 kgs (229 lbs), he felt physically weak and exhausted. His life seemed meaningless, despite financial success.

Reinaldo's journey to health began when his older brother introduced him to a friend who had experienced great success with the Isagenix products.
"In a short period of time, I lost 2 kgs (4.5 lbs). More importantly, I felt very light and energized. I knew then that this was the right way to lose weight ~ through a healthy lifestyle", says Reinaldo.

Encouraged by his results, Reinaldo went on to shed an amazing total of 30 kgs (66 lbs). After 3 years of following the Isagenix Program, he now feels more energized than ever!

Reinaldo's transformation was such an inspiration to those around him, that he decided to build his own Isagenix Business.

"People always ask me why I look so fresh, energized and in good muscle shape. It gives me self-confidence and opens lots of doors on the business side."

Helping others have better health and finances, he found that the Isagenix products and compensation plan connected 100% with their own vision.

"The Isagenix Products and Compensation Plan are really powerful. They changed my life. I feel energized more than ever ~ at my top performance."
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