Team Call 2019-02-05

February 5, 2019
Meet Lisa Washington, Lara Cucurull & Jordi Gutierrez
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This week: Building International Teams !
Our special guests this month are a Medical Sales Professional, a Psychologist and an Engineer who seized the Isagenix vision, experienced their own healthy transformations, and by helping others do the same have gone on to build a growing International Team.
Meet Lisa Washington, Lara Cucurull & Jordi Gutierrez
Lisa Washington knew the benefits of a healthy lifestyle when she and her husband Dan were introduced to Isagenix by Shauna Ekstrom.

As a Medical Sales Professional, she had spent almost 20 years selling devices for patients who were truly the sickest of the sick.

Five years later, slimmer and healthier, both Lisa and Dan are more dedicated than ever to both their Isagenix Lifestyle and to their Isagenix Team.

"We are committed to following a recipe for success by talking to at least 2 people every day, consistently enrolling new people, supporting our team and attending major events!"

Among those Lisa spoke to, who then seized the vision for themselves, are Lara Cucurull and her husband Jordi Gutierrez.
A 42 year-old mother of 2, Lara had been a Psychologist in her home town of Barcelona, Spain. Two years before, she and her young family had followed her Engineer husband to a new life in Texas.

Her Isagenix journey started with a chance conversation with Lisa outside her local Walmart.

When Lisa discovered that Lara was from Spain and needed to work, she said "'I don't have a job for you, but I have a business opportunity in Spain. Are you open to learning more?".

Lara was open. Soon, she and Jordi were sitting with Lisa and her husband Dan, trying the Isagenix products, meeting other Team members and learning about the Isagenix vision.
"Even though I was skeptical at first, I was also curious, as Isagenix had just opened for business in our home country of Spain", says Jordi.

Both were attracted by the promise of better health. Lara had never lost the last few pounds after the birth of her son and Jordi was frustrated by the weight he was steadily gaining despite exercising.

Following their new Isagenix lifestyle, Lara and Jordi saw results in a short period of time. Lara shed 12 lbs while Jordi released 20 lbs ~ both felt renewed energy and vitality ~ and new purpose.

"We became excited to share Isagenix Superfoods with our friends and family in Spain! We called our closest friends and family first and many of them decided to give Isagenix a try!"
Next, Jordi traveled to Spain to organize their first Super Saturday.

"Many of our family and team members in Spain helped us prepare and host the event ~ the beginning of what we believe can help all of Spain become healthier and wealthier!".

"We want to become Ambassadors of Health & Wellness ~ helping people in Spain and all over the world improve their health and finances with the amazing blessing of Isagenix."
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