Team Call 2018-12-05

December 5, 2018
Meet Elaine Sanchez
This week: Serving Others !
Our special guest this month is a Medical Speech Pathologist who regained her health and vitality and is now helping others discover the joy of a healthy lifestyle and financial opportunity.
Meet Elaine Sanchez
Between 3 children, her husband and a healthcare career as a Medical Speech Pathologist, Elaine had a hard time finding a weight management program that fit her busy schedule.

"I happened to gain a lot of weight with each one of my 3 blessings. I was unable to exercise and calorie restriction wasn't working."

A call from a friend introduced Elaine to the Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing and Weight Management Program.
"Although she was skeptical at first, she researched Isagenix ~ decided she had nothing to lose ~ and dove into the Program.

The results speak for themselves! Wow, I couldn't believe it - finally a solution that fit my busy lifestyle. I shed 60 lbs and feel wonderful ~ full of energy and vitality! "

Her Isagenix experience has had a profound impact on Elaine's life ~ both physically and financially.

"My faith is a huge part of what drives me. I'm called to serve and want to be a light to others. I was redirected in my career by my personal experience."
Elaine has now reduced her work at the hospital to 1 on-call weekend a month ~ devoting her time to helping others improve their health and wellness through the Isagenix Program.

"I really enjoy helping others in a more positive way. Coaching people full-time for improved health and wellness is my Passion. I've helped people lose 5 -140 lbs and improve their energy, sleep and athletic performance."

"If I can do it you can too !"
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