Team Call 2018-11-07

November 7, 2018
Meet Shauna Ekstrom and Tina Kelly
This week: Building a Family Legacy !
Our guests are a former hair-dresser, now an Isagenix Millionaire, and a middle school Math Teacher ~ both achieved Healthy Success following a simple Wellness Program and Life-Style change and have gone on to build Financial Success and a Residual Income for their families' future.
Meet Shauna Ekstrom and Tina Kelly
As a full-time hair salon owner and stylist working a 60-hour week, Shauna was overwhelmed, exhausted and financially stressed out.

Her solution arrived 15 years ago when Carole Taylor sent her Peter's Isagenix Transformation photos ~ the famous Speedo Peter Oelmann.

Shauna started her own Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing Program and in a short period released 3 dress sizes and regained her drive and energy.

"I took the product with the business in mind ~ knowing that if I had an impactful story I would BE the walking Isagenix billboard for my clients, friends and family. AND IT WORKED !! "

After four and a half years of building her Isagenix business part-time, her effort, enthusiasm and belief in the products paid off. Shauna was able to sell her salon and transition to Isagenix full-time. 

Now an Isa-Millionaire and one of the top Isagenix Income Earners, Shauna continues to achieve her goals. At 65, Isagenix helps maintain her weight, age youthfully and keeps her energy and spirits high.
Together, Shauna and her family are busy building an Isagenix Legacy for the future.

Her husband, Dr. Scott Peterson ~ a dentist who also saw the amazing Isagenix vision of Residual Income ~ joined her in the business 6 years ago.

Shauna's daughter Heidi ~ now an IsaMillionaire herself ~ has also transformed her health and gained financial freedom.

The chain of friends and family sharing health and financial freedom has brought many dynamic new members to Shauna's Isagenix Team. 

One of those Team-mates busy building her own Family Legacy is Tina Kelly.
As a Teacher, wife and Mom to 3 active boys, Tina knows what it's like to always feel stressed and tired. She woke up tired, was tired most of the day and napped as soon as she got home from teaching.

Tina's Isagenix Journey began in January 2016, when she responded to a friend's Facebook post and signed up for her first Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing Program.

She soon noticed that she was waking up earlier ~ refreshed and productive. Her skin looked clearer and her clothes felt looser. She felt better than ever before ~ vital and alive ~ a 44 year-old poster child for healthy nutrition!

Her colleagues at school began to notice the difference too. When she dropped from a size 8 to a size 4 ~ shedding 16 pounds ~ they really noticed !

Tina's awakening to the potential of the Isagenix Business Opportunity came when she and her husband Tim attended an Isagenix Super Saturday together. They were overwhelmed by the personal testimonials of life-changing results and financial freedom.

"Tim and I looked at each other and knew that this was different. There was something special here. After that Super Saturday, I went all out ~ I started to feel like I had hit some sort of hidden treasure that I just had to share."
Infused with passion and belief, Tina's Isagenix business seemed to build itself. People kept asking what she was doing and she simply could not stop talking to everyone she met about how great she was feeling ~ thanks to these amazing Isagenix Products

"The residual income that our Isagenix business has created for our family ~ just by loving the products and sharing them and the business opportunity with others ~ still makes me shake my head."

"What is more rewarding than helping someone get healthier and then teaching them a way to create an income stream that can be truly life changing? Honestly ~ I cannot think of a more rewarding career !"
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