Team Call 2018-09-26

September 26, 2018
Meet Patty Clements and Natasha Richter
This week: Rediscovering True Wellness !
Our guests this week are a mother and daughter team of entrepreneurs who rediscovered the wellness and fulfillment that a Program devoted to changing lives could restore to them and to others.
Meet Patty Clements and Natasha Richter
Patty was introduced to Isagenix by Lisa Iozzi Stevens way back in 2002.

She loved the products, but the timing and circumstances weren't quite right and Isagenix just faded into the the background of Patty's life.

Thanks to Lisa ~ who always stayed in touch and never gave up ~ Patty maintained both her Isagenix membership and her monthly Autoship order. Although she wasn't actively building a Team, Isagenix kept banking Patty's accumulated business volume all through the years.

When Lisa reached out to Patty this year, the timing was right and Patty was ready. She committed herself fully to both a healthy Isagenix lifestyle and to the Isagenix business opportunity.

"It has been a little over 5 months since my restart. I feel better than I have in years. I have so much energy! My skin looks so much better. I can't emphasize enough how much better I feel, flooding my body with Isagenix nutrition."

Reinvigorated, Patty knew she had to share with those she cared about most. Her daughter Natasha was first on the list.

"Natasha and I have worked together for years but this is so much more fulfilling. We are helping people buy the best groceries in the world from their own store. We get to hear about how their bodies are changing and help them to create an income simply by sharing these world class products."

Natasha's Isagenix story is truly a transformation.
Between the traumatic delivery of her third child, injuries, and multiple surgeries, the years from 2013 to 2014 had been rough on Natasha.

"Fast forward 3 years and 65 pounds later, I found myself broken ~ out of energy, hating myself, tired and with no motivation."

When her mother suggested she try Isagenix, Natasha was less than enthusiastic. Above all, she wanted nothing to do with Network Marketing!

But, ~ certain that Isagenix could help her daughter ~ Patty was persistent. "I finally decided to give it a go ~ after much prodding! I joined with a Value Pack and brought 2 people in with the Value Pack in the same day." says Natasha.
Natasha is now whole-heartedly glad she took the leap.

"The change is INCREDIBLE. Mommy brain fog? Gone! Sleepless nights? Gone! 6:30AM is a breeze for me now. I've shed over 20 pounds ~ and that's without working out."

When Natasha did begin working out, her trainer was amazed. "My trainer was baffled! Not only by my results ~ she couldn't believe that after losing 20 pounds I had maintained my lean muscle mass."

In addition to the physical results of her healthy new lifestyle, Natasha is also enjoying the financial and spiritual rewards.

"Financially, Isagenix has already been a huge blessing to my family. It has also been such a blessing to simply share with people how amazing I feel, help them order their product ~ and then watch as their lives are transformed. It's really that simple. And it's really such a joy to watch their journey."
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