Team Call 2018-09-12

September 12, 2018
Meet Bonnie Mellos and Jerry Eerebout
This week: Spreading Wellness !
A Cardiology Nurse and a retired hospital construction Project Superintendent ~ our guests are continuing their lifework of spreading wellness to their communities through the healthy lifestyle and financial freedom program they have embraced.
Meet Bonnie Mellos and Jerry Eerebout
As a Cardiology Nurse, community volunteer, wife and mother, Bonnie's energy has always been devoted to the wellness of others.

As she turned 50 though, Bonnie began noticing her energy level dropping ~ while her stress levels kept climbing.

When a friend introduced her to the Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing Program, it proved to be a solution for both Bonnie and for her entire family.

"I love the convenience and nutritional value. In fact my whole family ~ parents, sisters, husband and children ~ use the products and love them."

Two and a half years of a healthy Isagenix life style later, Bonnie and her family are still enjoying the benefits.

"I don't go a day without using the products. I feel better today at 53 than I have in years. I have lost unwanted pounds and gained lean muscle. I have more energy, sleep better and react to stressful situations with a calmness that amazes me."

After seeing and experiencing the results for herself, Bonnie has found both a passion and great personal satisfaction in sharing the Isagenix solutions.

"Once you start using the products ~ your life will change and people will notice the changes in you. You have a solution for them too and sharing will come naturally."

As Bonnie connected and shared with others, she discovered the outstanding Isagenix Business Opportunity. With drive, determination and hard work she committed to building her own successful Isagenix Team.

As many others have found, attending Isagenix events has been key to Bonnie's success. "I just got back from my 6th Isagenix event. When someone says an event will change your life ~ listen to them because it is true. Events build belief and belief builds business."

"Building a legacy Isagenix business with my friends and family is priceless. The thought of providing a residual income for my children is inspiring."

A Team Member who is also spreading Isagenix wellness is Jerry Eerebout.
When 'UberJerry' first met Bonnie on an Uber ride in Nashville, he had no idea that his life was about to change.

During the ride, Bonnie told Jerry about the Isagenix Celebration event she was attending and the Isagenix products ~ then invited him to come to the event and see for himself.

A father of 5 ~ and now grandfather to 12 grandsons ~ Jerry is a retired Project Superintendent building hospital facilities and now an Uber driver extraordinaire.

"For 45 years I was afforded the opportunity to bring a special kind of 'wellness' to communities. I was blessed beyond belief with family, health and financial rewards. But three years ago my weight began getting out of control due to losing my thyroid."

Between Jerry's love of cooking and his thyroid problems, his weight had shot to 306 pounds by Christmas of 2017. Eight months of effort had seen his weight drop by only 20 pounds ~ then he met Bonnie and was introduced to Isagenix.

Following the Isagenix Program has shown dramatic results for Jerry.

"This morning I weighed 262 lbs and I fully expect to be at 200 before the sun sets ~ ~ and it's all due to Bonnie taking the opportunity to introduce me to Isagenix. I silently thank her profusely every day"

Jerry is now enthusiastic about sharing the Isagenix vision of wellness with others.

"Building hospital facilities, I helped bring a special kind of wellness to folks. As a nurse, Bonnie does so as well. Now, through Isagenix, we have that same special opportunity to bring 'wellness' to others."
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