Team Call 2018-09-05

September 5, 2018
Meet Hadass Eviatar and Shelly Jean
This week: Building Better Futures !
A Physics Ph.D. and Life Coach and an Entrepreneur, fitness enthusiast and grandmother ~ our guests are shaping their health and financial futures on their own terms and showing others the tools and path to do the same.
Meet Hadass Eviatar and Shelly Jean
Exhausted ~ lacking the energy to keep up with her 3 teenagers and a busy life ~ Hadass felt like her 52 years was really a hundred.

Although she felt malnourished, she was still certain that the solution was to "just eat food".

Trying a sample IsaLean Shake from her friend Candace at a trade show helped change her mind. "I tried one, liked it, then bought a canister to try ~ and I didn't know what had hit me. I hadn't felt this amazing in years. I knew I had to keep using the Isagenix products."

Four healthy Isagenix years later, Hadass is an Energy Queen who now feels amazing in her body. "I have more energy in my fifties than I did in my forties. I'm in better shape than any time since my twenties."

Hadass ~ a theoretical physics Ph.D. and now a certified life coach and wellness advocate ~ has also found great satisfaction in growing her own Isagenix Business through helping others.

"I love being a Network Marketer. There's absolutely nothing like the feeling of being paid to help others feel as good as I do."

The benefits Hadass found in Isagenix go beyond the physical and financial.

"I have also benefited enormously from the mindset training that comes along with Isagenix. It has been called a personal growth program with a compensation plan attached ~ and that is totally true!"

Based on her own positive experiences ~ particularly with Ionix and the new Isagenix Essence essential oils ~ Hadass has recently refocused her business on helping improve the lives of perimenopausal and menopausal women.

"It's not all in our heads - it's just amazing what good nutrition and supplements can do to make our lives so much better, while also working on our mindset."

A Team mate who shares her drive to build a better future is Shelly Jean.
In late 2011, Shelly was in desperate need of a new beginning. Over the previous year, life had dealt her a seemingly endless series of hard blows.

Her husband had left the family shortly before her eldest son died of kidney failure at only 29. The stress had severely affected her daughter's health, leading to a miscarriage. Her middle son was in prison.

The final stroke was when Shelly was diagnosed with cervical cancer. Recovering from a radical hysterectomy and appendectomy left her weak and emotionally drained.

"It was the most life changing 8 months of my life ~ for me and for my family. I could not catch my breath. I was unable to get out of bed and put one foot in front of the other."

A friend suggested that trying the Isagenix Program might help restore her flagging energy and help get her back on her feet.

At first Shelly used the products haphazardly ~ Ionix every day and a shake here and there. She found that even that small effort helped with her energy and her will to get out of bed.

Encouraged, she decided to commit to following a complete Isagenix Program. "It was amazing. I felt better than I had in months. I continued following the Isagenix Program and as a side benefit released 49 pounds."

Over the years, the greatest personal benefit Shelly found was in the warm, caring and supportive Isagenix culture. She immersed herself in that culture as she continued to learn, grow and heal.

Today, Shelly's children and grandchildren have her back and she is now firmly committed to building her future with Isagenix.

"I am building my Isagenix business. My mind and my heart are congruent, and I have the time and the capability to help others have the lives they deserve.

My mantra ~ Life Does Begin Again! Every day we have a choice in how we want to live. How we react to that choice is how life treats us."
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