Team Call 2018-08-29

August 29, 2018
Meet Bev Lessman and Tricia Morrical
This week: Right Place ~ Right Time !
A 65-year young former Teacher and entrepreneur and a Pharmacist specializing in compounding and hormone replacement ~ our guests found their own right place and time to embrace a new lifestyle of health, vitality and financial opportunity.
Meet Bev Lessman and Tricia Morrical
Bev Lessman is not your average 65-year old grandmother.

Fourteen years ago ~ after being diagnosed with a serious illness ~ Bev was searching for better nutrition to help improve her health, from the inside out.

Bev was introduced to Isagenix and Nutritional Cleansing by her friend Deb Edsall. "I did not start Isagenix to lose weight. I had been searching for 'something' to help build up my immune system. At that time in life, I just wanted to be a grandma." says Bev.

A short while after starting her Isagenix Program, Bev knew that she had found that 'something' she was searching for. She dropped inches off her hips and waist and was filled with new energy and vitality.

"Now, 14 years later, I weigh less than I did in high school and I feel much younger then my nearly 66 years on this earth."

People around her noticed the changes, of course, and began asking what she was doing. Thanks to her growing Isagenix Business, within a few years Bev was able to leave her substitute teaching position for a life of flexibility and Time Freedom.

"My sister and I take care of our 94 year-old mother who lives at home and has been on Isagenix since she started the products at age 81. With Isagenix, even when I am on vacation I still get paid ~ much more than when I worked as a teacher!"

This energized grandma and nana to 7 amazing grandchildren recently shared her inspiring Isagenix journey in a feature article and front page photo in a Seniors magazine.

"I am passionate about sharing the products and my story with others. My advice to all is to put these products in your body. Feel the difference!"

A Team member who shares Bev's passion is Tricia Morrical.
Stress used to be a big challenge for Tricia.

As a recently divorced Mom of 4, working four jobs in addition to running her own Pharmacy, she was exhausted and drained ~ both emotionally and financially.

Fast food and diet soft drinks were all that kept her going through the long days. "I often felt as if the light at the end of the tunnel was a train ready to run me over! " says Tricia.

Through her pharmacy training, Tricia knew that high-quality adaptogens were a way to stress reduction. The challenge she found was the high cost and inconvenience of most adaptogen products ~ which only added to her stress!

A serendipitous meeting with Bev was her turning point. When Bev showed her the adaptogen-rich formula, value and convenience of Ionix Supreme, Tricia knew she had found her answer.

Then, a 'goody' bag of IsaLean Bars and Amped Hydrate from Bev introduced Tricia to even more benefits of an Isagenix lifestyle ~ and her Isagenix Journey was off and running!

"Bev and I joke that I signed up for the Survival Pack! As a result of the Isagenix Program, I was able to kick my decades old Diet Coke habit (thank you e+ shots!) and have more energy. Most importantly, I stopped going through the drive thru!"

As she continued with her Isagenix Program, pounds and inches began melting away ~ while her new-found energy, vitalty and sense of calm well-being climbed.

With Bev's persistent 'encouragement', Tricia attended an Isagenix Event. Inspired by the Isagenix vision and culture, she began sharing her story and building her own Isagenix Business ~ which has continued to flourish and grow.

"This year my Isagenix business has increased enough that I was able to use the proceeds to pay for some much-needed home projects!

Having a happy and healthy lifestyle takes an investment of time and effort. But, like any good investment, the returns are so worth it!!"
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