Team Call 2018-07-25

July 25, 2018
Meet Christina Durivage and Ashlee Burke
This week: The Gift of Health !
An energetic Mom and Isa-entrepreneur and a Nurse and busy Mom ~ realizing that to take care of others they had to first take care of themselves ~ our guests found a Program that brought them the Gift of Health then went on to share that gift with others.
Meet Christina Durivage and Ashlee Burke
Life as a new mother of two left Christina drained and exhausted.

Relying on coffee and energy drinks to get through the day and eating whatever was quick and easy, she and her husband were going downhill ~ fast!.

"I was really starting to not feel like myself anymore. I would look in the mirror and want to cry. This wasn't me!" says Christina.

Seeing a friend's Nutritional Cleansing results gave the couple new hope for a solution. For Christmas of 2015 they gave each other and their family the gift of health ~ Isagenix 30-Day Nutritional Cleansing Programs.

Two years later, Christina is a new woman with a healthy, energetic lifestyle. Not only has she shed 30 pounds ~ thanks to the Isagenix maintenance program she has kept the weight off and her energy and vitality up.

"I finally feel like myself again. It's easy to get lost in the role of being a mom and a housewife. I have gained more confidence and my marriage is stronger."

People of course noticed her shrinking size ~ and the changes in her skin, hair and smile ~ and asked what she was doing ... Christina's Isagenix business was born.

She has now created a growing Isagenix Team and steady stream of residual income for her family's future.

"Being able to work from home ~ helping people gain their health and confidence back ~ has been so rewarding for me. You don’t have to go through your days fighting fatigue and feeling down on yourself. You deserve to live your very best life !"

A Team Member who also appreciates the gift of health is Ashlee Burke.
A Nurse and Mom of 3, Ashlee was always on the go ~ always focused on everyone else's needs with no time for herself.

Exhaustion, fatigue, daily headaches and difficulty sleeping seemed like normal everyday life to her. Even the weight she was gaining was simply chalked up to getting older.

She watched as her friend Christina posted her Isagenix transformation on facebook. What struck Ashlee most was the simplicity of the Isagenix System and and how well it would fit into a busy life like hers.

A few more months watching her friend and Ashlee was finally ready. She started her first Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing and Weight Management Program. But of course, she told her friend, she had absolutely no interest in the business!

The benefits that Ashlee found were more than simply ease and convenience. Following the Program she felt her discomforts lessening while her energy and vitality blossomed.

"I'm able to sleep through the night and feel rested in the morning. I crave fruits and vegetables instead of cake and cookies. I no longer have bags under my eyes and my hair isn't falling out." says Ashlee.

In fact, she was so impressed by her results that she couldn't help talking about them to everyone she met. Within a month Ashlee ~ the person who wasn't interested in the Isagenix business opportunity ~ had achieved the rank of Crystal Manager!

Eighteen months later, Ashlee continues to enthusiastically share her new lifestyle and build her Isagenix Team.

Her advice to anyone considering the Isagenix Program? "Just DO IT! With the 30-day money back guarantee that Isagenix offers, you seriously have nothing to lose (well maybe a few pounds)."
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