Team Call 2018-07-18

July 18, 2018
Meet Amy Naim, Breana Rehak, Melody Cox
This week: Friends Helping Friends !
A Mompreneur and former PR Exec, a special needs Music Therapist and an Accounting Team Leader ~ our guests are friends who found a Program and Lifestyle that brought them the health, vitality and opportunity they needed ~ then naturally went on to share it with those they cared about.
Meet Amy Naim, Breana Rehak, Melody Cox
Amy had always been passionate about nutrition, health and wellness. But it wasn't until her husband was introduced to Nutritional Cleansing by his friend Pete Kaufmann that Amy discovered the benefits that a truly healthy lifestyle can bring.

Her husband ~ who was struggling to shed the 30 pounds gained from a high-stress, low-exercise Wall Street career ~ kindly signed them both up for the Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing and Weight Management Program ~ without telling Amy!

Amy was naturally a little resistant at first. But, wanting to support her husband on his journey, she finally decided that they would do the program as a couple.

"My husband shed the 30 pounds and had a lot more energy, which he's maintained. For me, I basically woke up! My brain fog, which I had been battling for years, lifted soon after starting the Program and I was feeling amazing!"

Amy went on to shed those last 10 'sticky pounds' that no amount of exercise or healthy eating had been able to budge before. She was now leaner and felt better that ever before in her adult life.

A year later, still following her healthy Isagenix lifestyle, Amy realized that the Isagenix business opportunity was the perfect solution to another problem.

"I realized that Isagenix was the perfect vehicle for me to make an impact and make an income doing what I love ~ while setting my own schedule and being around for my kids. So I started to share this gift with others and I haven't looked back."

Four years after starting her journey, Amy is still inspired by the Isagenix vision of relieving physical and financial pain worldwide and is continuing to energetically build her own Isagenix future.

A Team member and friend who shares that vision is Breana Rehak.
Breana is a 30-year old Music Therapist, working with kids with special needs and Autism.

Three years ago, Breana' s self-esteem was at an all-time low.

She felt overweight, unhappy unattractive and desperately in need of a change.

"I wanted better skin, a better physique and better health" says Breana.

She had heard about the Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing Program a few times and it seemed like a possible solution to her dilemma. She decided to call her friend Amy and just go for it!

A short time after starting her first Isagenix Program, Breana was already noticing the results.

"I felt so fantastic! I was sleeping better, I was waking up earlier and it was not hard to get out of bed anymore. I had so much energy! I had also finally found a way to cut my cravings and my sweet tooth."

Breana was no stranger to Network Marketing. Her parents had been in the profession since she was 12 years old and she herself had joined her first Network Marketing company at age 18.

So, with her Isagenix results in hand, Breana was more than ready to start her own Isagenix Team.

"Three years of sharing this incredible gift later, I love being able to show others a path to transform their lives and feel amazing while doing it! I am creating a second income to bless the people and causes I love."

One of those who Breana helped transform their life is her friend Melody Cox.
Melody was also searching for a lifestyle change.

At the heaviest weight in her life, she felt obese, exhausted and hopeless.

When tying her shoes left her out of breath and she began developing weight related health issues ~ she knew that the time to act was now!

Her friend Breana's facebook post about her Isagenix transformation sparked Melody to reach out.

She signed up for her first Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing Program in September of 2017 and has never looked back!

"I started to feel amazing ~ filled with so much energy. I was so shocked and I remember my jaw dropping during my first weigh-in after following the Program. I was HOOKED and so excited to continue on with my Isagenix journey!"

Spurred on by her results, Melody had the energy and motivation to stick with her Isagenix Program. She began working out and leading an active, healthy lifestyle with inspiring results.

"I have now officially reached my first goal and have shed 108 pounds and countless inches ~ and still going! I perform better at work and during my Zumba workouts. Now when I flex my arms, you can actually see muscle building!"

With renewed vitality and clarity, Melody began sharing her Isagenix discovery and building her own Isagenix Team.

"I absolutely LOVE the feeling of helping others reach their health goals while making a residual income. I want to be able to live life on my terms ~ showing people that they DO NOT have to feel hopeless physically and financially. Isagenix IS a solution."
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