Team Call 2018-07-11

July 11, 2018
Meet Michelle Caravella, Rosemary Orsillo and John Bojtos
This week: Lifestyle Transformations !
A former Office Manager, a former Personal Trainer and a veteran Police Officer ~ our guests transformed their lives by following a Healthy Lifestyle Program and are now focused on building personal and financial freedom by helping others do the same.
Meet Michelle Caravella, Rosemary Orsillo and John Bojtos
Stuck in a rut and discouraged, Michelle was determined to take control of her health.

Despite a healthy eating routine and dedicated juicing, she had reached a plateau she just couldn't seem to overcome.

When a high-school friend introduced her to Isagenix, it sounded like exactly what Michelle was looking for ~ a simple, healthy System she could follow easily.

She signed up for her first Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing and Weight Loss Program right away.

Within the first few weeks she sailed past her plateau as the pounds started to melt away. Not only was she shedding the extra weight ~ she felt better than ever before! With renewed hope, she was even more motivated to stick to the Isagenix Program!

Three and a half years later and over sixty pounds lighter, Michelle is amazed at how simple it has been to keep the weight off just by following the Isagenix Maintenance system.

Although Michelle had no interest in the business whatsoever, people insisted she share her success story. Enrollment after enrollment, her Isagenix Team began to build. Her new income first started off paying a few bills then kept growing.

"My Isagenix business has recently given me the opportunity to retire from my full-time job of 27 years! This success did not come overnight ~ but with some work and dedication I made this happen by helping others change their lives as well."

A Team member who has also made a commitment to change is Rosemary Orsillo.
Rosemary was also stuck. A mother of three, the baby weight she had worked so hard to shed each time seemed to just keep creeping back.

She watched as friends had success with their Isagenix Programs, but as a former Personal Trainer, Rosemary felt she knew better.

Rosemary kept watching, and doing it her way, as the weight she needed to shed climbed from 10 lbs to 25 !

"I was just miserable and gave in to the thought that nothing would work for me."

When her husband decided to try the Isagenix Program to help with his own health issues, Rosemary finally decided that Nutritional Cleansing might be a solution for her as well. They signed up together and soon the pounds began to drop off.

Two and a half years and 38 pounds later, Rosemary still maintains her healthy Isagenix Lifestyle.

"All I did was add this healthy Nutritional Cleanse Program into my life and everything started to change. I shed 38 pounds and feel better than I have honestly ever felt in my life."

Isagenix has not only helped her achieve her health goals, it has also built an extra stream of income for her family.

"I now earn money from sharing these products that changed my life ~ and its so simple! I'm honestly not doing anything but telling people how much I love the Isagenix products and the Nutritional Cleansing Program and what it did for me and my life. It is by far one of the easiest things I have ever done !" A Team-mate who is following Rosemary's example is John Bojtos.
A 24-year veteran of the Police force, John is looking forward to leaving his long career much healthier than when he started.

John had always been big ~ topping out at well over 300 pounds. He had struggled for years with weight loss, but no matter how hard he worked out he never seemed to see any real results.

"I was a 300+ pound officer for over 20 years … working 12 hour shifts, late nights eating garbage, drinking, tired and out of shape." says John.

His friend Rosemary's results and her confidence in the Isagenix Program inspired John to try Isagenix for himself ~ a decision he has never regretted.

He signed up for a 30-Day Nutritional Cleansing and Weight Wellness Program, followed the program to the letter and was blown away by the results!

"I saw great results and my energy was exploding. I started sleeping better and even looked forward to shopping for new clothes."

John's Isagenix success encouraged him to keep going with the Isagenix Program and led to a new lifestyle. "I started to look at food differently. Making smarter choices and seeking better food. I felt more concern for my health than before."

John went on to shed an amazing 101 pounds ~ achieving a weight he hasn't seen in over 30 years! Seeing his results, people constantly asked what he was doing ~ and John's Isagenix business was born.

As a husband, father and police officer, John has always been dedicated to helping those around him. He sees Isagenix as another opportunity to help others.

"I always loved helping people in my life and with Isagenix I can help others have a strong and healthy life too. It is a special feeling inside you when you can help someone that might be struggling just like you were."
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