Team Call 2018-06-13

June 13, 2018
Meet Missy Bruggeman and Illyana Fox
This week: Choose Your Life !
A Fitness Instructor and a Pediatric Occupational Therapist ~ our guests chose a Program and followed a Lifestyle that helped them accomplish their Health and Financial Goals and find new Freedom!
Meet Missy Bruggeman and Illyana Fox
As a Fitness Instructor and College Coach, Missy loved her career choice ~ coaching and helping others achieve their goals.

She was frustrated though by the financial constraints and by the changes she began seeing in her body as she got older.

No matter how carefully she ate or how much she exercised, her weight was slowly creeping up.

Missy finally found the solution she was searching for three years ago, when her friend Todd Siddons introduced her to Isagenix and Nutritional Cleansing.

First came clarity, increased energy and nights of restful sleep. Then came the changes she could see ~ as the pounds and inches began to drop off and her skin glowed with health.

As others noticed the changes too, Missy began building her own Isagenix Team.

"Today, I get to connect with people all over the world ~ helping them reach their own health and financial goals! I've now seen thousands of pounds released by my friends and family ~ I believe that everyone deserves this opportunity!"

A Team Member who has also chosen a healthy new Isagenix lifestyle is Illyana Fox.
Illyana met Missy when she signed up for a spinning class.

Uncomfortable with her weight, tired, cranky and un-fit, Illyana was searching for a program that would provide a solution.

Missy's Nutritional Cleansing story and her photos on Facebook convinced Illyana that Isagenix might be just what she was looking for.

"I noticed a difference within a short period of time after starting my Isagenix Program. I was happier, I was enjoying playing with my kids, I had more energy at my job as a pediatric occupational therapist and my clothes fit again."

Eleven months later, Illyana has maintained both her weight and her focus, energy and improved attitude following a simple Isagenix maintenance program.

She has now come to rely on her Isagenix meal replacements and supplements as an integral and convenient part of her healthy daily routine.

"These products have literally changed everything about my life as well as my husband's ~ as he started at the same time I did!"

Illyana has also jumped into the Isagenix Business Opportunity. The stream of residual income she has begun building has already had an impact on her family finances and the activities they are now able to share together.

"Isagenix has been a blessing for our family since day one. Sometimes I feel like I just want to shake people I talk to and say ~ This is an amazing opportunity for your health and wealth. Don't let it pass you by!"
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