Team Call 2018-05-30

May 30, 2018
Meet Cheri-Lynn Burk and Deb Edsall
This week: Building Healthy Legacies !
Our guests are Isa-Entrepreneurs and Leaders who discovered a Program that not only brought them Youthful Health and the Freedom to pursue their dreams ~ but also the joy and fulfillment of helping thousands of others create their own healthy legacies.
Meet Cheri-Lynn Burk and Deb Edsall
When Terry Trecarten called Cheri-Lynn to propose Isagenix in 2004, she was ready for a new future.

Terry showed her the famous "Speedo Peter" before and after photos. Then he told her about the simple Isagenix binary compensation plan. Now she was curious and intrigued.

As a Network Marketing Professional, Cheri-Lynn knew that there are two keys to success ~ consumable products with visible results that really work and a compensation plan that makes it simple to build and to get paid ~ Isagenix had both!

After trying the Isagenix 9-Day Program ~ the only Program available in 2004 ~ she was convinced that Isagenix was a winner.

"I released 6 pounds and 12 1/2 inches. I was elated. My body, my strength, my SKIN! I felt so good I couldn't keep it to myself ~ the rest is history."
14 years of Isagenix maintenance later ~ at age 71 ~ Cheri-Lynn is still trim and fit.

Best of all, her Isagenix Business has given her the opportunity to build a life of Freedom and Fulfillment.

"Isagenix has given me the ability to live where I want, travel when I want, and ~ more importantly ~ the honor to be a part of the transformation of thousands of people all over the world. Not only with their health but also with their legacies!"

Among the many Team members she has helped ~ and 1 of the 2 IsaMillionaires on her Team ~ is Deb Edsall.
Deb was also looking for a way to build a new future. Although she was already a successful Network Marketer, her first concern was her health.

When Cheri-Lynn called her to say "I may have found what we need" ~ Deb was open to the opportunity.

The "Speedo Peter" photos and the before and after stories she and her friend Jennie Bonneau read in the Weight Loss Hall of Fame were so exciting.

"We kept saying Wow! as we read each story and saw the incredible results people were getting!"

Then came Cheri-Lynn's results and Deb's own success with her Isagenix Program. "I released 8 lbs and 18 inches! It was emotional because I'd tried many programs with no results at all! I was feeling fantastic ~ but I also realized we had something here. I needed to know all of it."

After a phone call to Carole Taylor to get all the details of the simple binary compensation plan, Deb was convinced - she was in 100%!

After 14 years, Deb has no regrets whatsoever about her decision. Building her Team, attending events, making lifetime friends and helping others has been rewarding both financially and spiritually.

"There is no greater feeling in the world than to get those calls of excitement when people have reached their health goals and are maintaining them! Those 'Thank You' calls are so fulfilling!"

Now an IsaMillionaire, Deb is continuing to build her Team with passion and enthusiasm.

"Thanks to Isagenix, my Team members are now enjoying healthy lifestyles. Many of them are also building legacies for their families ~ and so am I !"
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