Team Call 2018-05-23

May 23, 2018
Meet Bev Lessman and Teresa Orlando
This week: Recipe for Youthful Health !
A 65-year young former Teacher and entrepreneur and a Doctor of Pharmacy who owns her own Pharmacy ~ our guests discovered the right ingredients and followed a simple recipe that brought them youthful health and vitality ~ and a passion for sharing with others.
Meet Bev Lessman and Teresa Orlando
Bev Lessman is not your average 65-year old grandmother.

Fourteen years ago ~ after being diagnosed with a serious illness ~ Bev was searching for better nutrition to help improve her health, from the inside out.

Bev was introduced to Isagenix and Nutritional Cleansing by her friend Deb Edsall. "I did not start Isagenix to lose weight. I had been searching for 'something' to help build up my immune system. At that time in life, I just wanted to be a grandma." says Bev.

A short while after starting her Isagenix Program, Bev knew that she had found that 'something' she was searching for. She dropped inches off her hips and waist and was filled with new energy and vitality.

"Now, 14 years later, I weigh less than I did in high school and I feel much younger then my nearly 66 years on this earth."

People around her noticed the changes, of course, and began asking what she was doing. Thanks to her growing Isagenix Business, within a few years Bev was able to leave her substitute teaching position for a life of flexibility and Time Freedom.

"My sister and I take care of our 94 year-old mother who lives at home and has been on Isagenix since she started the products at age 81. With Isagenix, even when I am on vacation I still get paid ~ much more than when I worked as a teacher!"

This energized grandma and nana to 7 amazing grandchildren will share her inspiring Isagenix journey in a feature article and front page cover photo in a Seniors magazine this summer.

"I am passionate about sharing the products and my story with others. My advice to all is to put these products in your body. Feel the difference!"

A Team member who is also passionate about improving health is Teresa Orlando.
Nearing 40, Teresa already had an impressive list of accomplishments.

After earning her Doctor of Pharmacy at age 23, she opened her own pharmacy ~ and has now run her business for 14 years. She also married and is the mother of 4 beautiful children.

Keeping up with both a business and her family was challenging. "I was stressed out, tired and emotionally drained. I was aware I needed a change in a big way!"

When Teresa found that her cortisol levels were 'through the roof', her co-worker and fellow Pharmacist Tricia Morical recommended Isagenix Ionix Supreme to help deal with her stress.

From there, Teresa moved on to a complete Isagenix Program ~ and hasn't looked back since. Her improved mood and energy were so noticeable that soon her husband asked if he could try Isagenix too! Then her kids began having IsaLean Shakes for breakfast.

"As a result of Isagenix, I am now full of energy ~ excited and enjoying my new love of exercise. Now I have a new passion for life and it includes Isagenix nutrition along with my workouts to make me feel incredible."

At first, Teresa wasn't interested in the Isagenix Business opportunity, but she found that her results and her passion for the products sold itself.

"I got so excited about Isagenix that I started telling more and more of my friends and family. Before I knew it, I had personally enrolled 17 people!! Now I am using the products for free while my body is reaping the benefits."

With her stress under control, glowing energy and growing Isagenix Business, Teresa is excited about the future.

"I am no longer worried about turning 40. In fact, I am excited for this new chapter in my life! I am so passionate about sharing Isagenix with others. I never knew being healthy could be so easy !"
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