Team Call 2018-05-16

May 16, 2018
Meet Erin Postle and Hadass Eviatar
This week: Energize Success !
A former School Counselor and IsaMillionaire and a Physics Ph.D. and Life Coach ~ our guests embraced a nutrition System and lifestyle Programs that energized their lives and brought them vibrant health, personal growth and financial rewards.
Meet Erin Postle and Hadass Eviatar
Over 18 successful years as a school counselor, and then a Life Coaching practice, Erin loved the opportunity to make a positive impact in so many lives.

Still, despite doing all the right things, she was feeling uninspired and exhausted ~ and could never seem to shake those last 20 pounds.

When Erin was first introduced to Isagenix and Nutritional Cleansing, she was determined to only follow the Program for 30 days ~ and, of course, she would never have anything to do with Network Marketing!

Her own amazing results dispelled her doubts and committed her to a healthy Isagenix lifestyle. "I felt and SAW results. Within a short period of time my clothes were falling off !"

Six and a half years later, Erin is a shining example of becoming a Product of the Product. In fact, she seems to be aging backwards!

"I have so much more muscle, a healthy body and boundless energy. I let go of my life long food cravings and my mood is so much better. I was able to compete in my first fitness competition ~ and now, I'm an IsaBody Challenge Finalist!"

Today, far from having no interest in Network Marketing, Erin is an IsaMillionaire!
"I started sharing Isagenix to get my products paid for ~ and it grew from there. Eventually, I was able to replace my income as a school counselor. I've won a number of trips ~ most recently the Isagenix Cruise !"

In her Isagenix Business, Erin has continued her passion for helping and empowering others.

"You have the power to change your life. When you decide, fully commit and use the right nutrition ~ anything is possible. I was always the chubby girl and never saw myself as an athlete or top earner. If I can do it, so can you!"

An energized Team member who also appears to be aging backwards is Hadass Eviatar.
Exhausted ~ lacking the energy to keep up with her 3 teenagers and a busy life ~ Hadass felt like her 52 years was really a hundred.

Although she felt malnourished, she was still certain that the solution was to "just eat food".

Trying a sample IsaLean Shake from her friend Candace at a trade show helped change her mind. "I tried one, liked it, then bought a canister to try ~ and I didn't know what had hit me. I hadn't felt this amazing in years. I knew I had to keep using the Isagenix products."

Four healthy Isagenix years later, Hadass is an Energy Queen who now feels amazing in her body. "I look and feel infinitely better than I did a decade ago. People tell me I am aging backwards."

Hadass ~ a theoretical physics Ph.D. and now a life coach and wellness advocate ~ has also found great satisfaction in growing her own Isagenix Business through helping others.

"I love being a Network Marketer. I have the privilege of supporting others in their journey of growth and development ~ and that is the best part of all."

The benefits Hadass found in Isagenix go beyond the physical and financial.

"I have also benefited enormously from the mindset training that comes along with Isagenix. It has been called a personal growth program with a compensation plan attached ~ and that is totally true!"

"If you have all kinds of stories in your head about shakes, about network marketing, or just about your own ability to grow and change ~ you are not alone. We have all been there. I have never regretted choosing the Isagenix Program and you won't either !"
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